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Industry Reviews

  • Sliquid. Slippery When Wet - First up, Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate. I would like to regale you with stories of the antioxidant benefits of the superfruit pomegranate in lubricants but you would probably realize I was yanking your chain. As a matter of fact, I get way more strawberry from this than pomegranate, but in a way that is redolent […]
  • The Inqueery - Sliquid Oceanics Review The Inqueery – Sliquid Oceanics Review - Confession time; I am terrified of the ocean. Not just the ocean, really any body of water, or even like, a stream, or water dripping off a roof, or a garbage can lid turned upside down and left out in the rain. It’s not a fear that I feel the need to confront, I am […]
  • Today’s Health and Wellness – Smooth Review - Smooth Shaving Crème is a hypoallergenic shaving formula designed for use on all body hair. The glycerin- and lanolin-free crème works for your skin, even extremely dry and sensitive skin, to protect and moisturize. Bottom Line: Members liked the hypoallergenic formula and how silky it felt on their skin. read more at the source
  • Girl Talk – How I came to love lube - A few weeks ago, the two of us headed to Babeland in New York City, where I live. For those unfamiliar with Babeland stores, they are woman-friendly sex shops designed to make shopping for sex toys and related products pleasant and judgment-free, and they are staffed entirely by sex educators. My boyfriend and I were […]
  • Sensitive Solutions – Sliquid Splash - Sensitive Solutions writes “Before purchasing this product through, I had never tried any kind of feminine washing products. While I don’t use Sliquid Splash Gentle Feminine Wash daily, when I do, it’s always non-irritating, and it makes me feel clean and great smelling (the grapefruit thyme scent is wonderful; a little floral & fruity).” […]

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Customer Testimonials

Love It!!!!!!!!!!!


I love these products!!!!!!!!!!! They typically don't irritate me and I've been using for years:
O Gel – Sliquid Organics & Natural Gel – Sliquid Organics... would definitely recommend.


Many Moments Of Pleasure


As a person with sensitive skin and a very high regard for chemical free/organic products, this is by far the best product I have ever tried. Doesn't take much, feels completely natural and lasts a long time. Wish i would have known about Sliquid a long time ago. I will definitely recommend to others and will be a forever customer. Nice to find a brand that cares about using only natural ingredients. Thanks Sliquid for many moments of pleasure without the worry. 🙂


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