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Industry Reviews

  • Organics Sensations Bottle Emmeline Peaches- Organics Sensations Review - As you can probably guess from the ingredients list Sliquid Organics Sensations is devoid of any parabens, glycerine, and petroleum but Sliquid also go the extra mile by making sure that none of their ingredients are tested on animals too. In fact the lubricant itself is vegan, so fellow vegans can feel confident using this […]
  • A Couple of Kinks Sliquid is our favourite lubricant brand! - Seriously, Sliquid is wonderful. We have to thank all the sex toy reviewers who recommended this company. One of the powers of talking and blogging about sex toys and accessories is that the good brands stand out. We had only tried Sliquid H2O, Sliquid Sassy, Sliquid Silk, Sliquid Soul and O Gel before collaborating with Luxury Vibrators. This […]
  • Sliquid Sea Bottle Scandarella- Sliquid Sea Review - I’ve been a fan of Sliquid lubricants for a while, but one that never really caught my attention was Sliquid Sea. I don’t know why I never thought to try it, but I hadn’t, so was pleased as punch when I opened my first ever review package from Tantus and saw a bottle nestled between […]
  • Notes from the Nymphomaniac Ness - I recently purchased three of the Sliquid Swirl flavouredlubricants: Strawberry & Pomegranate, Blue Raspberry, and Cherry Vanilla. Sliquid had already won me over before the lubricants arrived at my door. This is because they clearly answered all my problems without me having to perform in-depth searches beforehand. The Sliquid swirl range is all vegan friendly, […]
  • Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Review Cara Sutra – Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Review - This round of the Pleasure Panel I managed to volunteer for some flavored lubricants and one of them was the Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Flavoured Lube. Flavoured lubes are not my normal choice and it has been a long time since I used any prior to this Pleasure Panel review. My experiences in the past were […]

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Customer Testimonials

Life Changer


I have one of those "Whisper at it wrong and all hell breaks loose" vaginas. Every lube I have tried has either given me a UTI, Yeast infection, or caused my vagina to have a burning feeling except for the brand Sliquid. I have tried the Satin, Sea, and Silver and I could not be happier.
- My vagina never burns with this stuff
- I have yet to get a UTI or yeast infection from sliquid products.
- The water-base lubes don't get sticky like so many others thanks to Sliquid getting rid of the parabens and all that nasty type of stuff.
- The stuff lasts a surprisingly long time for water-base and the expected amount of time for silicone.
- It doesn't take much of the silicone or the waterbase
- VAGINAL DRYNESS DOESN'T HAVE TO CONTINUE ON. Whether you have vaginal dryness from stress, mental disorders or menopause, sliquid satin and sea have you covered. Literally formulated to keep your vagina dry free!
- Sea has anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to reduce inflammation cause by sex.
- Sea also helps the vagina be more elastic. HOW COOL IS THAT!
- The company actually cares about your vagina unlike a lot of other lube companies who are just out there to make some money.

- Sorry. I've got nothing.


Sliquid Silver


We received the sample of the Sliquid Silver, and I've got to tell you, yours is the BEST personal lubricant that we've tried. You've definitely got our business! Thanks a million!

Darryl J.

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