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Industry Reviews

  • Sliquid O Gel - Wetlandia Review Wetlandia – Stimulating O Gel - I would normally run screaming and wouldn’t go anywhere near an arousal gel. My first thought is that it’s a useless product made to shame women that they take so long to get properly turned on or feel pleasure. A number of brands have come up with terrifying and sexist marketing when it comes to […]
  • Wetlandia Organics Silk Review Header Photo Wetlandia – Organics Silk Review - Organics Silk Review by Wetlandia If one were to survey what kind of lube people prefer, you will get very polarized results. A lot of people swear by their silicone-based lube, but many are huge fans of water-based ones. And what exactly is a hybrid lube? Well, my friend, it’s the best of both worlds. Sometimes […]
  • Sliquid: Flavored Lube That Doesn’t Suck - reviewed some of the Sliquid Swirl flavored lubricants. Check out their review below. The last time we tried flavored lube we thought anything would be better than the sticky nasty tasting stuff we had just put in our mouths. So, thank you, Sliquid, this is a huge improvement!   We tested out 3 flavors as part of […]
  • Hot Movies For Her – Swirl Cherry Vanilla - I’m not typically a fan of flavored lubricant – I like girls that taste likes girl – but I do like the Sliquid line and after seeing the thoughtful ingredient list, I decided I’d give it a shot. Since it was a big selling point, let me talk about the ingredients. Those of you who […]
  • The ultimate vegan sex kit from Mashable - Did you know that some condoms contain a milk protein called casein, making them non-vegan? We’ve selected the best lotions, potions and highest quality toys for vegans (and non-vegans) to enjoy in the bedroom. The company was founded after the creator noticed his wife was having bad reactions to the glycerin found in most lubricants. […]

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Customer Testimonials

thank goodness I found you

After going through Menopause I needed help with lubrication for the first time. Every lubricant we tried left my skin irritated and burning to the point where I was avoiding sex. My local adult store recommended your product, and I was pleasantly surprised. We use the Sliquid H2O and also the Sliquid Silver and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for these wonderful products. Yours is the only lubricant we'll use from now on.

Cindy H.

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