If you’re like me and didn’t get a whole lot of sex education while growing up, you’re not alone. Most people rely on their friends, schoolyard whispers, porn and the internet to learn all about sex. While some information may be true, a lot is not. Being able to tell what guidance is fact and what is fiction makes a huge difference when it comes to harm reduction, pleasure and even pregnancy. I’m about to bust a few big myths you might have heard.

  • The more penis in vagina sex you have the looser the vagina gets.

It is a myth that the vagina can get “loose”. Anatomically speaking, the vagina is about 5”-7” inches long and can vary about 2” when aroused. The vagina’s walls are made of erectile tissue and and always contract and expand due to blood flow. When aroused the vagina naturally expands up to twice its size. Pubococcygeal and pelvic floor muscles surround the vaginal wall.  Those muscle can get weak due to many factors which may give the false impression that the vagina is loose, but I assure you it’s not. However, if you are a vagina owner and you feel like your vaginal grip could use some strengthening, kegel exercises are your best bet.

3 Sex myths BUSTED - Sliquid - Sliquid Says - Sliquid Blog

  • Lube doesn’t make a difference if the vagina is already wet.

For the vagina, “getting wet” can be a sign of sexual arousal. However, no matter how wet that vagina gets, it’s often beneficial to use a lube in addition to the natural lubrication. One of the reasons for this is that the addition of a personal lubricant can help sex last longer than natural secretions alone. For instance, maybe you’re feeling really turned on but your body hasn’t had time to produce the natural juices. Lube can help facilitate penis in vagina sex until (and even after) your body starts to produce its own. Other reasons you may want to use lube include; lube makes the friction smoother and easier which can prevent micro tears which can lead to STI’s, and lubricant is absolutely a necessity in preventing painful anal sex.

  •  There are only two sizes of condoms; regular and large.

Sometimes the difference between pleasurable sex and “meh” sex is the condom size the penis is wearing.

Sex Myths - What is my Condom Size - Condom Size - Sliquid - Sliquid SaysIf you’ve bought condoms in the past, you may have just been offered “regular” or “large” and figured that’s that. But not so! In fact, different condom companies make condoms in different sizes in order to fit all the wonderful sizes that penises come in. If your condom of choice always feels a little tight or a little loose, you might be wearing the wrong condom size.  According to Lucky Bloke, a condom subscription service that sells all sizes of condoms, says about 35% of penis owners wear small/average condoms, 50% wear medium condoms and 15% wear large condoms (please allow a 5% variance). How can you tell which category you fall into? Lucky Bloke suggests using the toilet paper roll test. Place the penis inside your run of the mill toilet paper roll. If it’s a tight squeeze to get it in, you need a larger condom. If you have just enough room then a medium size condom is probably your jam, and if there is room between the penis and the inside of the toilet paper roll you are probably in the small/average category.

So there you go! Three common sex myths busted! So the next time someone tries to tell you that your vagina is loose, or that there’s no reason to use lube, or that your penis will fit into any regular condom, you can now confidently explain why they might want to check out this blog.

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