When we think of fun sexual experimentation a lot of things come to mind – several of them NSFW – but, for a lot of folks, there’s a big one that gets overlooked: LUBE. Sometimes dismissed as something that one only needs after a *certain* age or unnecessary because the body creates lubrication, lube is the sex world’s most underrated rock star. It can do anything from make sex more comfortable by showing uncomfortable friction the door, to making sex safer by preventing micro-tears, to elevating sex acts from “that’s nice” to “OH MY GOD”. The possibilities are limitless and today we’ll look at 5 ways you can incorporate lubricant into your sex life and up your sexual game to take things to the next level.

Sexual Game

1. Make masturbation extra fun. That’s right, a partner is not necessary to boost your pleasure with lube! Dry hands aren’t fun for genitals and some toys can drag uncomfortably along the skin without lubrication so don’t be shy about making the slippery stuff part of your self-love routine.

2. Give your partner a (comfortable) hand . Manual stimulation (aka hand stuff) gets a bum rap in the sex world but it’s understandable. Touching genitals with dry hands can be very uncomfortable for the person on the receiving end and when you go from just touching to rubbing, stroking or otherwise stimulating, it can get downright painful. Add a super slippery lubricant to the mix, like Sliquid Silver, and you can create some pretty pleasurable sensations.
Sexual Game

3. Blow their mind with a lubed up blow job. You may think your wet mouth has all the lubrication it needs but adding some lube can make giving head easier and make it feel even more awesome for your partner. Using flavored personal lubricants, like Sliquid Swirl are a yummy option for oral fun.

4. Add a slippery dose of pleasure to condoms. The long standing complaint that condoms diminish sensation for the wearer has led to many “do I really have to wear it?” debates (btw, stop doing that, wear the damn condom). There’s an easy way to amplify sensation for the partner sporting the rubber, add a few drops of lube to the inside of the condom and create a warm, wet delicious experience while practicing safer sex.

5. Make vaginal penetration its best. This one can be a big “but my body does that on its own!” sticking point, but for many women the lubrication produced by the body (especially if it has been compromised by side effects from medications, dehydration, or even air conditioning) is not enough to keep things comfortable let alone pleasurable. So make liberal use of lube! Apply it to the penis, the toy, the condom, directly to your body… really anything goes here! Err on the side of too much rather than too little and remember, if you find yourself thinking “do I need more lube right now?” you DEFINITELY do.

6. Keep anal fun and safe. The anus, unlike the vagina has no mechanism for self-lubrication and the skin is thin and delicate (thus susceptible to micro-tears that increase STI risk) so lube here is less of a “want” and more of a mandatory need.

So there you have it, 5 ways you can up your sexual game by employing the sexual MVP that is lube to make things slipperier, sexier, and more fun for everyone. Now go forth and get lubricated!

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