When it comes to a comfortable fit with condoms, size does matter. A recent New York Times article spoke to a Massachusetts company who has started to manufacture custom-fit condoms in 60 sizes, 10 lengths and nine circumferences.

Which Condom Size to Wear - Condoms - SliquidWhile that is impressive, It seems like it might take a lot of time to figure out your own perfect fit. A simpler tool to use to figure out what size condom size would best fit you, is the toilet roll test. Yes, you heard me … toilet roll. The cardboard cylinder that  is used to support the toilet paper roll is the perfect measuring tool.

Current data suggests that men use condoms only approximately one-third of the time and anecdotal analysis suggests that people with penises tend to shy away from condom use because they experience less sensation and that the condom is uncomfortable or too loose. An uncomfortable condom can often mean the penis owner is wearing the wrong size.

Currently, you can get most condoms in three sizes: average, standard and large (some brands even sell extra-large). To find out what size condom a penis should use, place the toilet roll over an erect penis. If there is room around the circumference of the penis, then the condom size that might be more comfortable is an average  size condom. If the erect penis has just enough room, then the standard size (and most common) condom is a good bet. Should the toilet paper roll not fit, or it’s too tight a larger condom is in order.

Which Condom Size to Wear - Condoms - Condom Size - Sliquid

If you’re still not sure you can measure your erect penis (centimeters is best) and look at the back of the box of condoms. Some companies put the measurements of the condoms there so you can see if it’s the right size for you. If you don’t want to buy a whole box of condoms before you know if they will fit right, you can try a company that sells samplers of different sizes like, Lucky Bloke.

In addition, here’s a pro-tip for making any condom feel better on a penis. Put a drop of personal lubricant (like Sliquid H2O) in the well of the condom before putting it on. This will give the head of the penis extra slip and ease of movement within the condom and make the whole condom feel better. Better yet, put a drop or three of lube on the outside of the condom to make insertion more comfortable for your partner.

There you go! Pro condom tips for your favorite penis, so sex can be more enjoyable and more comfortable for you and your partner!

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