Someone once said, “don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love”, and I couldn’t agree more. Masturbation (or, solo sex) is an activity that most people instinctively discover early in life. Because it’s such a private activity, most people don’t talk about it with their friends, and depending on one’s upbringing, there could be some associated shame around touching oneself for sexual gratification. However, it’s important to note that masturbation is very normal for humans as well as others in the animal kingdom.  Though many people don’t explore solo sex beyond what they learned works for them in their developing years, I’m here to tell you about some other ways to masturbate that might add to your repertoire, so to speak.


The skin is our largest organ, yet most of it goes virtually “undiscovered” throughout our lives. I suggest taking some time alone to just run your fingers over all parts of your body, focusing mostly on the non-sexual areas in order to gain knowledge of where you might enjoy being touched other than the breasts or genitals. Some people I know have discovered places on their bodies that they never would have thought were erogenous zones like; the wrists, the back of the knees, the shoulders. Try it! You might discover places that you never knew were sensitive!


Masturbation - Sliquid H2O - Sliquid SaysMost of us are used to masturbating with our hands, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there is a huge industry out there devoted to pleasure products ripe for using for solo sex. For people with vulvas / vaginas there are dildos (with or without vibration) and vibrators. It’s best to choose one based on whether one likes internal stimulation (dildo) or external stimulation (vulva/clitoris). No matter which one is chosen, using either with a personal lubricant, like Sliquid Naturals and Sliquid Organics will make the dildo glide easily and make the vibrator conduct the vibration better … both can abate micro-tears in the delicate skin of the genitals.

For people with penises, there are also vibrators and masturbation sleeves that add another dimension to solo sex. Concave vibrators for the shaft of the penis target the vibration exactly where you want it, and silicone or elastomer sleeves (by themselves or encased in plastic) with different textures also make masturbation a new and exciting experience!


Even though solo sex has always been … well, a solo act, adding it to the menu during a sexual encounter with your partner can build intimacy and heat. Masturbating with your partner can show them how you like to be touched as well as the best way to stimulate you in order to bring you to orgasm … plus, just watching your partner please themselves can be very,very hot. Building intimacy is also a great reason to masturbate together. Think of masturbating with your partner as sharing a deep secret with them that you’ve never told anyone else. You are opening up a part of your private life that you don’t share with anyone else.

So, whether you masturbate 16 times a day, or not at all (both are perfectly normal by the way), you now have three never ways to discover more about solo sex that you might not have known before. Enjoy!

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