Prolonging foreplay can lead to more satisfying orgasms for both of you. Except for the occasional hot, passionate quickie, foreplay is integral to great sex. Pleasuring your partner before the main event doesn’t have to be relegated to a few kisses and some oral, there are a lot more ways to get creative. Did you realize there are myriad other pleasure zones you can stimulate that will have them salivating and begging for more? Start by paying attention to these  areas of their body and you will have them twisting and turning in delight and raring to go:

Sliquid - Best Natural Lube - Ways to Stimulate your PartnerAbove the Shoulders: Ok, this is a weird category, but there are so many places to explore! Kissing is a given, but branch out. Starting with the ears, softly trace the outer rim of their ear from top curve to lobe. End that expedition, by taking their ear lobe in your mouth to be tantalized by your tongue or (if you think they’ll like it, a little nibble.) While you’re there, try whispering something filthy, sexy, romantic or even better, all three in their ear before continuing on. If you can’t think of anything sexy to say, a good default is to tell them how they make you feel. Everyone likes to know the steamy effect they have on their partner. Always remember to use your hands. Cradle their face in your hands or take this opportunity to run your fingers through their hair and scratch their scalp.

The Armpits: I know … but the pits really have great potential for sexual excitement. This oft forgotten area is a hot-bed of nerve endings, not to mention pheromones (the natural scent men and women exude that attracts sensual arousal) that seldom get attention. Chances are they’ve never had a lover pay attention to that area of their body, in fact, you might want to have them try it on you! Pro tip: The best time to try this is when you’re fresh out of the shower, unless you don’t mind the taste of Speed Stick.

Move your partner’s arm above their head, look them straight in the eye and softly start to run your tongue over the area just below where the hair begins to grow. Keep your eyes on your partner and note if they tingle or twitch with delight. Not everyone will respond the same way and your partner’s reactions clue you into what makes their toes curl and what leaves them flat.

Inner Thighs: Have them spread their legs wide enough so you can get in very close. Start by adding a little flavored personal lubricant to your fingers (like Sliquid Swirl) and begin grazing their inner thighs with your finger-tips. The flavored intimate lubricant will add a little extra zing to your journey. At the bottom of their inner thigh, in that crevice where the thigh and the back of the knee meet try little, light flicks of the tongue, circles and kisses, then trail up to the top of their thigh to the area where it joins with their torso and begin your assault again. Always remember to make use of idle hands. Caress and skim the outer thighs and back of the knees with a free hand and of course you can always take a brief detour to fondle other sensitive areas so they don’t feel neglected.

Every person is different and if they don’t respond to these three places, I guarantee there are many more spots on them you can try that will be susceptible to your oral charms. Just remember to be creative!

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