Enter “blow jobs” in the Google search bar will get you thousands upon thousands of hits, mainly for articles that explain how to give a good one. With all that content, where do you start? Below, I have compiled a list of the top three techniques that will make any blow-job memorable and keep them coming back for more:

Give Great Head - Sliquid - Sliquid Says - How to Give a Blow JobUse Your Hands

Listen to the sex educators. When sex educators teach classes on fellatio they always demonstrate hand techniques to use during blowjobs. This is a key element of giving great head. Your hands are dexterous and can do things your mouth is limited in doing like; squeeze and rotate on the shaft, swirl over the head of the penis, cradle the balls and stimulate other parts of the body. To begin, think of your hands as an extension of your mouth. Use the hand closest to the head of the penis to follow the mouth up and down the shaft as if your hand were attached to your lips. This gives the penis-owner a feeling of deep penetration, while the lower hand can stroke the bottom of the shaft or stimulate the anus or balls. You can also alternate your mouth with that top hand by intermittently swirling your cupped palm over the head of their penis while sucking on it. Want to up your game? Apply lubricant to the penis before you start, and reapply as needed. This will make the moisture last longer, make the sliding slicker, and if you’re using a flavored lube, gives you a bit of a flavor twist.

Employ the Tongue

This may seems obvious, but not everyone knows what to do with their tongue while giving head. The penis has 4000 nerve endings, so making the most of all those pleasure receptors is key. But, sometimes using the tongue and the mouth at the same time can feel like tapping your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. Not to fear! Start off the blowjob by lubricating the head with personal lubricant and your hand, moving the hand in a swirling motion over the head. Then, replicate that motion with your tongue while you start to place your mouth over the head of his penis. Vary speeds, and even directions, then add an up and down movement with the mouth, utilizing your tongue moves whenever the tip of his penis is in range. You’ll get the hang of it quickly and soon will start inventing other ways to pleasure his penis with your tongue — and getting applause-worthy results.


When asked what makes a good blow-job great, most penis-owners will note that seeing their partner really enjoying going down on them is a HUGE turn-on. Showing your partner you really enjoy giving them head can feel akin to accepting who they are and demonstrates how turned on by them you are. Make eye contact, don’t be afraid to deliver noises of pleasure, show your passion. Everyone likes to feel desired and showing your ardor for your partner and their penis is a terrific way to make them feel wanted.

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