It’s a new year, and with it comes resolutions of all kinds.  Some people pledge to have more fun, to go to the gym more, decide to quit smoking and still others may want to curb a variety of different habits or try new and exciting hobbies. However, not everyone thinks that a new year’s resolution can help their sex life, but I’m here to tell you it can, and give you three steps on how.

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It may sound obvious, but concentrated and specific types of breathing can help your orgasms to be more pleasurable. The Kama Sutra, a very ancient practice of lovemaking known for its myriad of sex positions, talks about the benefits of breathing during sex as being very important for the enjoyment of carnal delight. Rhythmic breathing throughout sex with full, long inhales of air into your lungs, increases blood flow. With more blood flowing in your nether regions, your genitals can get more sensitive thus possibly leading to more intense orgasms. Barbara Carrellas, author of Urban Tantra has a Breath and Energy Orgasm instruction handout that works a treat (you can download it here).

Mindfulness is an eastern practice of paying attention to nothing else other than what’s going on around you in that moment. That means, no outside thoughts, worries or conversations in your head. By being present with your partner and concentrating on what’s happening between both of you in the moment, you are able to pick up more subtle clues about what pleases and turns you both on. As a result of applying mindfulness to your lovemaking, many people find their orgasms to be more intense and/or more fulfilling. Most couples report that mindfulness during sex leads to increased intimacy and pleasure at all levels of the sexual experience.

Self ExplorationImprove your Sex Life - Sliquid Says - Natural Silicone Lube
If by “self exploration you think I’m talking about masturbation, you’d be right. You might think “what does this have to do with improving my sex life?” and to that I say “everything.” Exploring your own body is the key to be able to find out what turns you on and where you like to be touched. Most people have erogenous zones, places on their bodies that feel sexually or sensually pleasing when touched, stroked, and grazed. Touch and explore your body to discover what your zones may be. Pro tip: using a little silicone lube (like Sliquid Silver) on your fingers can sometimes elevate the experience by smoothing the surface of your skin so your fingers glide and not pull across your skin.

Those are just three suggestions for adding to your experience of sex this year. Of course you can enhance your sexy times in many ways in 2018. To find new ideas you might try seeking out trusted sex bloggers to see what their suggestions are or of course checking out our other posts in Sliquid says. At any rate, the name of the game is to have fun!

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