When you think of the month of May, you might think of the lazy days of spring, Mom on Mother’s Day, stocking up on summer sunscreen and perfect weather for picnics. What you probably don’t think about in May, (or any other month for that matter), is that May is National Masturbation Month!

In 1994, on World AIDS Day, Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, answered a question about masturbation with a response that made clear she believed that masturbation was a healthy part of human sexuality and even suggested it should be taught. Soon after, Dr. Elders was fired as Surgeon General for daring to make such a controversial suggestion.

In response to Dr. Elders’ firing and to support the idea that self-love was an organic and natural activity for anyone who wanted to do it, the famous, feminist San Francisco, sex-positive adult toy shop, Good Vibrations started a National Masturbation Month campaign … and it stuck. So did the conversation around self-pleasure which, to this day, helps to destigmatize masturbation as shameful or dirty.

So, how can you support the cause? Here are a few ideas from sex educator, Elle Chase, ACS

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Talk the talk:

“Nothing de-stigmatizes more than having an honest conversation about the virtues of solo sex. Bring it up to your friends. Ask them how they feel about it and how they think masturbation is portrayed in society. Tell them about Masturbation May and the reason it was invented and see what they have to say.” says Chase. “If they seem shy, giggly or embarrassed to answer, be empathetic and definitely give them an out of the conversation. But do not fear! This isn’t a failure, you introduced what is a sensitive subject to your friend and though the conversation may not get far, that’s one conversation closer to shame-free acknowledgment of self-loving.”


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Be brave! Be bold! Alert your followers and friends that May is Masturbation Month by tweeting or posting some masturbation facts, links and/or quotes. Chase has a few to get you started:

“Thank you Dr. Jocelyn Elders for inspiring @GoodVibes to create #MasturbationMay!”

“ Did you know that #masturbation can make you feel more sexual over time? It’s true! #MasturbationMonth”

“The more comfortable you are touching your body, the better able you’ll be directing a partner in how to touch you. #MasturbationMonth”

Or, of course you can also link to this post with, “Celebrate Masturbation Month with These 3 Easy Tips! http://sliquid.com/category/sliquid-says/ #MasturbationMonth”


Walk the walk: Just do it!

Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, Chase says “Whether it’s by your hand (or someone else’s) or by using a toy, celebrate Masturbation May by making love to yourself! Try new things. Never used a vibrator before? Check out a local adult store or buy your vibe from a well respected online retailer like www.shevibe.com or www.pleasurechest.com. Never considered intimate lubricant while you caress yourself? Feel the difference an intimate lube makes when you’re playing solo. May is the perfect time to try an intimate personal lubricant out (of course we’re partial to Sliquid). ”

Great ideas right? Now when someone asks you what you’re doing to celebrate Masturbation Month you have three answers to come back with. You never know who you might inspire to spread the word and help destigmatize masturbation!

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