I know we’re always singing the praises of the benefits of personal lubricant during sex. Can you blame us? But did you know that there are things you can use silicone lube (like Sliquid Silver) for that don’t include sex? Instead of sitting on your nightstand until sexytime, try using silicone lube for something other than sex.

On Your Skin:

Apparently, just a few drops of silicone lubricant between your thighs will abate chafing when they rub together. Also, some say the same principal applies to the rims of tight shoes (just be careful not to get any on the footbed, silicone lube is very slippery). In a pinch, using a few drops on your legs when you’re out of shaving cream should do the trick nicely and leave your legs feeling super soft. On that note, out of hand cream? A couple of drops of silicone lube will hold you over until you’re able to find that bottle of hand lotion. Scared of taking off that band-aid silicone lube will take the ouch out of ripping it off and make the whole process a big nothing.

Lube in your daily life - Sliquid - Sliquid Says

In Your Hair:

Often we hear from our customers that they use our silicone lube as a hack for various problems or situations that are quite creative! For instance, we’ve heard that silicone lube can be used to fight the frizzies and impart a lustrous shine. Sliquid Silver, while having only three ingredients has dimethicone, a nontoxic slippery ingredient also found in hair shine and anti-frizz products. So skip the hair aisle on your next shopping trip and instead, use a little silicone lube on your mop!

Around the House:

I admit, I should keep a small bottle of WD40 around the house for squeaky cabinets and sticky screen door rollers for whenever those pesky household tasks present themselves. But no fear! With a bottle of silicone lube I can end that squeak and make that glider glide with a few well-placed drops … at least until I can get to the hardware store. And, when  I get back from the hardware store I can take the price tag off the can with another drop of silicone lubricant and a fingernail.

So there you go! As you can see there are many ways you can “McGyver” your bottle of silicone lube to make everyday tasks or problems virtually vanish before your eyes. Who knew that silicone was so versatile?

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