The “G-Spot.” can be a confusing mystery for some and an exciting adventure for others. Though you may have heard it’s a fallacy, many women say that it does exist and can give exceptional and pleasurable climaxes. Most of the data we have on the G-Spot is mainly from self-reported accounts, but we do know that all women are fantastically different and dynamic.

So where is it and how can you find it?

G-Spot - sliquid Says - Sliquid Blog - Natural LubricantsWell, the G-Spot is located approximately one to three inches inside the front wall of the vagina toward your pubic bone and just in front of the cervix. It is made out of erectile tissue and swells when it’s stimulated making it easier to find when you are aroused. To explore, moisten one or two fingers with Sliquid personal lubricant, slide those fingers inside your vagina, bending the fingers in a “come hither” motion so that they are now touching the top anterior wall of your vaginal canal. If you feel a puffy patch of tissue right around there, you have reached your “G-Spot”. You might notice it feels a little rougher than the rest of the tissue around it, and is about the size of a small walnut. Congratulations! You have just found your G-Spot!

That spongy mound that you’ve found is ripe for stimulation. There are tons of toys on the market that are designed to help here, and are curved or angled in a way to make it easier to reach your G-Spot. Use your fingers, your partner’s fingers or even a toy to press and rub this spot with strong, steady thrusts. Firm pressure and consistent movement on the G-Spot is recommended, but be open to what feels best to you and go from there – everyone is different.

G-Spot - Sliquid Says - find gspot

There’s a lot out there in the media that suggest the G-Spot is a source for explosive and intense orgasms. However, though that can be true, not everyone experiences this or even likes it stimulated at all and this is completely natural. It doesn’t really matter which category you fall into – exploring your body is half the fun. Spend some time by yourself finding out what makes your body feel good. Consider buying a toy made to hit the G-Spot and some lube (like Sliquid H2O) to make insertion easier. I recommend a toy that vibrates to get some sensation going. If you want to stimulate your G-Spot during intercourse, try a position like cowgirl with the female on top, or doggy-style is a choice too.. No matter what method you try, make certain you start with one you are comfortable with. Pro-tip: it’s best to get aroused before you bring the G-Spot in on the action.

However you decide to explore your g-Spot, the key word to remember is “relax.” For many women, experiencing a G-Spot orgasm can take time. While exploring, be gentle with yourself, be patient and most of all, have fun with it!

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