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New product announcements from Sliquid, including new scents, flavors, formulations, labels and brands.

Ride BodyWorx – New, from Sliquid

By on Apr 7, 2014 in New Products | 0 comments

Simple, Safe, Sexy – that’s Sliquid, and now the female friendly manufacturer has launched a new brand aimed at men. Formerly Ride Dude Lube, with a more country twang, Ride BodyWorx is a newly branded, sleek collection of products focused on high performance. The BodyWorx Collection is now available with 3 lubricant formulations, and two enhancement...

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The Balance Collection – New from Sliquid

By on Jan 3, 2014 in New Products | 0 comments

The Balance Collection from Sliquid is finally here! Splash, the gentle feminine wash, was the first product in the Balance Collection, but kicking off 2014 the entire range of products are newly packaged and available for shipment. The Balance Collection features 3 high-end, spa like product categories; Splash, a gentle feminine wash, Smooth, a lanolin free shave...

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Sliquid announces a new Ride formulation

By on Dec 3, 2007 in New Products | 0 comments

New in the Ride line of products is Ride Razor, an all body shave creme formulated by Sliquid. Ride Razor is a glycerin, paraben, and lanolin free shave creme, created to soften hair and protect even the most sensitive skin on your body. Look for the new products on shelves in early 2008, with  Naturally Fresh Eucalyptus and  Wild Lemongrass...

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Introducing a new product by Sliquid…

By on Aug 14, 2007 in New Products | 0 comments

That’s right, from the makers of Sliquid, we bring you…. Ride Lube! OK, enough cheese. But really, there’s a new product hitting the streets very soon. For those of you in tune with the adult industry rags, you might have even seen an ad or two. Branded with a sexy, masculine image, Ride is the alter ego to the usual Sliquid products. When we...

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The new labels have begun to arrive..

By on Jan 4, 2007 in New Products | 0 comments

We told you they were coming, and here they are. The newly redesigned packaging for all Sliquid products have begun to arrive. Sliquid H2O will be the first to hit the market, with all new orders this year shipping with the new labels. Sliquid Smooth will also begin shipping this month. The rest of the line will begin to arrive in stores over the next few months, to...

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New packaging for Sliquid in the works

By on Dec 4, 2006 in New Products | 0 comments

With the beginning of the new year, Sliquid has decided to bring in fresh new packaging for the whole line. Those of you familiar with out line of bath products, Sliquid Splash, will have an idea of what is coming. Visit our Sliquid Splash page to see the direction we are heading. The new packaging is geared more towards our female clientel, and is much more...

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