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Best lube ever

This is the best lubricants I've ever found! Not only is it a great lube but it's one of only a couple of lubes that can be used for daily moisture. You won't be disappointed!

Great stuff!

My wife and I have been using sliquid products for several years now, and it is the best we have ever had! It doesn’t leave a sticky residue, the gel last a long time, and there’s no chemical odor. We tried several different varieties and find that each one is just as good as the other. We especially like the fact that it’s natural and long lasting. We will continue to buy sliquid as long as we can and we think it’s a great product!

Satin sliquid

This stuff does the job. My doctor recommended for my vaginal dryness, due to menopause. I use it 3-4 a week on avg. My husband loves how moist it keeps me. It help’s with my natural moisture which had gone dormant due to menopause.


We finally found a lubricant that works for older women with sensitive skin! The Natural Gel Organic was smooth and silky, long-lasting, didn't get sticky and didn't cause any irritation. My husband really liked it!


Finally a lube that does not cause irritation!! Thank you Sliquid!!

Sexy for the environment

My partner and I use this lube regularly and have for years, eco friendly and pleasurably smooth

Lube Lover

All the Sliquid Naturals lubes are a favorite for my partner and I! From solo play to anal, they’ve got you covered. Queer friendly and suited to my sensitive body’s needs! I always buy the biggest size I can, can’t get enough💦

Great product for chronic UTI

I had chronic UTI infections until I started using Sliquid Organics. I would highly recommend.

Sliquid review

Stays slick longer before becoming sticky.
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