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Sliquid Silver is my personal favorite and I refuse to use anything else. Other store bought lubes dry too quickly or leave sticky residue. I find the Silver to be super smooth on the skin and LASTS! I can feel the skin smoothing effects for up to two days after using a small amount one time during intercourse and showering afterwards. I rave about it to anyone who will listen and have turned others into cult followers of the product. Well worth the money!


I take a very notorious psychological med that has a LOT complaints about it killing their libido. (Thankfully) I don't have that side effect but I have noticed that I don't have as much natural lubrication as I should. Finding and reading about Sea I was very curious so bought one. Well I'm now addicted to it, my vagina absolutely loves it. Now I was a bit skeptical about how the extracts in it helps with the vaginal walls but after using the lube now for a few months I'm not as dry. Coincidence.. maybe (fyi I'm still on that med.) If you have a sensitive vagina and are looking for a lube the Sea is one I recommend. 1000/100

Sliquid review

Works great ! Loved them!

Love the Sassy

I purchased a smaller size to try out... should have gone ahead and gotten the larger size. The lubricant is great - not sticky, long lasting and best of all, did not irritate my sensitive skin!! Try it... you will be happy!!

Sliquid Silver

My girlfriend and my absolute favorite silicone based lubricant! It lasts a long time, a little goes a long way, and the pour top is so much better than what other brands seem to use. I am buying more right now after I finish this review, its that good!

Best Lubes out there.

I love the Sliquid Naturals. I buy both the Silver and the Water based lubes and use them in a combination. I have tried many lubes and these two are fantastic. Great products.

Products ordered from Sliquid

Sassy is THE go to lube. Great for every situation together or alone. Perfect for toys also.


I am truly amazed that the Satin Sliquid is toy friendly. I've never experienced a lubricant that lovely that wasn't silicone based. What a great discovery!


Very smooth and not sticky! Swirl/Pink Lemonade-Nice flavor- our favorite!
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