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Arguably the best lube for masturbation

Sliquid Silk is silky to use and touch. There’s a touch of a creamy texture there too, which is not a hybrid lube thing. It’s a Sliquid Silk thing. It brings an arousing sensation, great for slow strokes and intimacy. There’s also some silicone in there to make it longer-lasting, and ensure you only need a few drops for it to last. More of the natural ingredients are sunflower seed oil and green tea. These keep your skin fresh and calm during your sessions, which is always a bonus. Always check the bottle and make a patch test on a little-used part of your toy to be sure!

You've got this FTM hooked

I'm an FTM transmasculine person and have been on T for a few years now. This means my body sometimes doesn't naturally lubricate as well as I'd like it to, and since I enjoy penetration, I've relied on Sliquid products to give me the lubrication I need in order to enjoy all sorts of different sex-related activities. After trying at least 10 other lubes, Sliquid is definitely the winner. Two Sliquid products are my go-to/holy grail: Sliquid Sassy and Sliquid Silk. Sliquid Silk gets extra points because of it being a white-ish color and long-lasting. I love that these are pH-balanced and all-natural. My body just loves these products and I don't want to ever use anything else again.


We really like this lube. Doesn’t gum up after a few minutes like the drugstore ones we’ve tried.

Keep it coming

My partner and I have been searching for a natural lube (as I have a very sensitive lady) that also lasts and feels good. We got the sample box and have been very pleased. We will definitely be ordering bottles and look forward to trying all the different types sliquid offers!

Sliquid Natural

This is our first lube that we use ever and I have to say that we both like it! It doesn't ruin the sheets and feels very natural, very close to my own lubrication. My only regret is that I didn't get a bigger bottle!

The absolute best

Sliquid Sassy is my JAM. While Sliquid DOES have a product directed at FTM individuals, let me tell you why I buy Sassy instead.If you're going through HRT, things can get sensitive and uncomfortable FAST. Sassy's extra-cushiony glide lets you explore and play longer without irritation and it dramatically improves sensation.It's literally the greatest ever with all my silicone toys, but it's also the only lube I chose for solo au natural play.Try it! It's incredible stuff, and I order it in the largest size I can get my hands on 🙂

Smooth as Sliquid Silk

I just tried the Silk, H20, Sea, and Silver. I like them all, but the Silk is absolutely lovely. It feels soft, lasts for a long time, and is easy to clean up. All of the lubricants also smell good! One thing I don't like about other brands is the funny chemical smell some of them have, but none of that with Sliquid lubes, which I'm very happy about.


Love it!

Simply perfect

I have a very sensitive body and am always just trying to find stuff that doesn’t make it go crazy. To put it in perspective, I can’t even use the “for sensitive skin” lotions. So to have no issues whatsoever…
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