The Best Lubes for Moms for Every Occasion—From TTC to Living Your Best Sex Life

If I were limited to recommending one simple way to add a splash of extra fun, pleasure, and comfort to intimacy, it would be lube. Sexual lubricants are easily overlooked for a variety of reasons. Some worry that using them means you don’t get wet enough “naturally.”…

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13 Best Natural Lubes That Are Gynecologist-Approved

Parabens, petrochemicals, and perfumes? Pass. When it comes to ~natural~ products, you may be a lil skeptical . I mean, do natural deodorants really keep your pits dry? Can natural retinol serums really iron out those forehead wrinkles? No matter how I may feel about other natural alternatives, there is one…

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Vaginal Atrophy

In a pelvic exam, your health care provider inserts two gloved fingers inside your vagina. Pressing down on your abdomen at the same time, your provider can examine your uterus, ovaries and other organs. To treat genitourinary syndrome of menopause, your doctor may first recommend…

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The Best Lube for Women, According to Experts and Reviewers

You’ve explored a bajillion guides to sex toys and shopped the best online boutiques (so much more discreet than heading into your neighborhood adult boutique). You’ve even brushed up on all the definitions of the latest pleasure gizmos. But while you may have an opinion on the best rabbit vibrator…

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The Best Water-Based Lubes for More Pleasurable Sex or Masturbation

Whether you’re enjoying a sex toy, or a partner (or both), having a good lube on hand is essential. We’re breaking down the best water-based lube options for you, from the best picks for sensitive skin to aesthetically pleasing ones that look great on your bedside table. But…

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Sex After Menopause Is All About Lube & These Are the Best Ones to Try

This probably isn’t news to you at this point, but both your body and your vulva change throughout every stage of your reproductive health, including menopause. With that, there may be some additional changes in your sex life. If you’ve already reached menopause (meaning you haven’t had your period in…

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