All About Sliquid

Why Should I Use Sliquid Products?

Why use a natural personal lubricant?

There are many reasons to use a natural lubricant to enhance a healthy sex life. Low estrogen levels are often a cause of vaginal dryness. There are many factors that can contribute to a woman’s estrogen level, including menopause, birth control pills or sponges, and antibiotics or other medications. Even intensive exercise, vaginal infections (like yeast infections or UTI’s), childbirth, and nursing can cause a woman to be dryer than she might want. However, using a natural personal lubricant such as Sliquid can bring pleasure back to your sex life.

Why glycerin free?

Glycerin is a sugar derivative, and is a common ingredient in most lubricants on the market today. Glycerin and other sugar derivatives may often cause problems for many women, especially those who are prone to UTI’s and yeast infections. Sliquid personal lubricants are all formulated to be safe for women. In other words, Sliquid takes the guesswork out of choosing a personal lubricant for sensitive women, because our products are formulated by sensitive women, for sensible women.

Why paraben free?

Parabens are a common preservative used in many products in the US and throughout the world. Recently, due to new studies on the effects of parabens in the human body, several nations in the EU have outlawed the use of parabens in consumer products. These studies have shown that many women who have developed breast cancer have a high level of parabens in their bodies. While the studies have not proven conclusively whether or not the parabens are a cause or a result of the cancer, we here at Sliquid agree with the EU and believe in the mantra of “better safe than sorry.” Though parabens are still a commercially viable preservative in many products in the US, including packaged foods and cosmetics, Sliquid will once again stand up for the consumer and deliver a truly safe product. More information about the effects of parabens can be found in the following links.