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2021-10-21 12:24

Jamie Anne Asked: What if my partner used escape inside me

My partner used escape as a lubricant and entered me. Am I going to get an infection?

Sliquid Answered:

Many people use oils internally with no problems. It really comes down to your body chemistry, and if you are prone to infections in the first place. There is nothing in our massage oils that will cause an infection itself, but it can alter your vaginal chemistry, which is why we don’t suggest using oils internally.

2021-10-21 12:03

Nibot Asked: How do you use it

How do you use it?

Sliquid Answered:

We suggest applying with your hand to the area you wish to lubricate, or directly to your toy.

2021-10-21 12:01

Ilda Asked: Europe

Hi, I live in Europe/Portugal . I have tried to buy SLiquid organis natural through and ebay sites, but the orders have been cancelled. I would appreciate if you let me know can I buy this product from my country. Regards

Sliquid Answered:

I would suggest

2021-10-05 10:41

Aleksi Asked: For men?

I’m interested in the Sliquid Natural Sassy lube, but I was wondering if it’s suitable for men?

Sliquid Answered:

Yes, Sassy is suitable for men. If you are looking for a male masturbation formula, I would suggest Silver or Silk.

2021-10-05 10:40

Mx. P Asked: Can't find satin anywhere?

Hi there!

I’m a longtime sliquid fan, I bought a huge stock of sliquid satin about three years ago. I’ve finally run out and I can’t find it anywhere now… Is it discontinued? I truly hope not, it’s one of the few lubes that doesn’t dry out on me and doesn’t give me pelvic pain.

Thanks for everything you do. All the best

Sliquid Answered:


Satin has not been discontinued, but has just been out of stock. We should be restocking all sizes this month. There are pillow pack sizes currently available.


2021-09-27 12:08

Franca Asked: Difference btw Natural – Sliquid Organics and Natural – Sliquid Organics gel

Dear Madam/Sir, I am a transgender woman and I’m interested in using your Natural – Sliquid Organics lubricant. After my surgery, I’ll have to use it 4x times per day to dilate my neovagina. A neovagina is built by inversted penis skin. I would like to ask, which product you’d advise me to use and what is the difference between “Natural – Sliquid Organics” with gel and without gel. I’ll apply it to a dilator / dildo made of hard silicone. Thanks for your help, Franca from Germany

Sliquid Answered:


I would suggest either Sliquid Satin or if you prefer the Organics products, the Sliquid Organics Natural Gel. The only difference between Organics Natural and Natural Gel is the thickness.

Natural Gel is currently in stock, Satin is not.


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