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Industry Reviews

  • Freddy & Eddy – Sold On Sliquid - When it comes to personal lubricants, we usually yawn and look for a way out when vendors extoll the virtues of this one or that, but we found ONE man who wouldn’t be denied his product’s place at our bedside. Now, imagine someone trying to sell something as mundane and boring as personal lubricants. I […]
  • Jayme Waxman – Another Sexy Gift Guide - If you like tasty lubes, but hate the taste of most lubes, you should def. check out Sliquid’s line of yummy water-based delights. Blue Raspberry is my favorite taste treat, but there’s also green apple and cherry vanilla to whet his willy, or to help wet the tunnel to her womb (hey, I was looking […]
  • IVillage – The Apple of our Eye - There’s a lot of flavored lubes out there, but let’s face it: Most of them taste like plastic (or worse… pina colada-flavored anything is a definite seduction don’t). So we were a little skeptical that Sliquid Swirl Green Apple Tart lube would be any different, despite being a) a best-seller at Babeland.com, b) recommended by […]
  • Feminist Review – Swirl Green Apple Tart - My favorite candy flavor is Green Apple, so when I saw this lubricant I knew I had to try it. Being a simple person, I don’t typically purchase items like this, but the information on the bottle alone was enough to get me to bite: it is vegan. It is not tested on animals. It […]
  • Bitch Buzz – Sliquid H2O Review - If someone handed you a bottle of a mysterious clear liquid and asked it to rub it on your bits, you would probably decline, right? Believe it or not, you might as well do this when you’re buying certain types of lube. As you know, there are an incredible amount of unsafe sex toys and […]

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Customer Testimonials

Sliquid Silver

We received the sample of the Sliquid Silver, and I've got to tell you, yours is THE BEST personal lubricant that we've tried. You've definitely got our business! Thanks a million!

Darryl J.

A Week in Aruba

We just spent a week in Aruba for our 10th anniversary - the first 3 days in the hotel room. Champange, room service, fresh towels, and Sliquid...

Debbie and Jim G.

Thank you Sliquid!

I recently realized that other lubricants I have used that contain glycerine have been causing me EXTREME discomfort and irritation. So I was looking online and BAM.... SLIQUID!! I just received the H20 lubricant and had to try it out. This stuff really is amazing. After I used it, I had no problems, no irritation, no heavy feeling, no sticky feeling... This stuff really is great. I love it! I don't think I will ever use another lube - ever. Thanks Sliquid for your amazing product!!!!"

Adrienne D.

We Love You!

We Slove Sliquid! Thank you for producing such wonderful products.

Rachael and Matt

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