Our Favourite Lubricants on the Market

Using a personal lubricant during intercourse (vaginal or anal) or while using a sex toy is ideal for everyone. It’s known to enhance your sexual pleasure, relieve dryness and soreness that can occur from penetration (both the penetrated and penetrating…

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The Best Lubes for Sex: Vaginal, Solo, & Anal Play

Today, we’re going to meet at the intersection of pleasure aids and sexual health — lubricants. The fact is, lubes may look like they’re all created equally, but they are not. Shockingly, not only can the ingredients in some commonly…

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The 5 Best – And Safest – Natural And Organic Lubes

With natural products trending in almost every category possible, it makes sense that natural personal lubricants are also rising in popularity. However, the world of natural lubricants is surprisingly complex and you shouldn’t necessarily begin using a random lubricant just because…

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The O Box Blog – Sliquid Organics Lube Cube

If you’re struggling to find the perfect lubricant for solo or couples play, take a look at Kinkortoys.com as they have a variety of selections and sample cubes to experiment with what works best for you. My wife and I…

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The Sliquid Organics Lube Cube


For the unlubricated—er, uninitiated—there are three main types of lubricants available to level up your pleasure time: silicone-based, oil-based, and water-based. Each comes with its own list of pros and cons, or dos and don’ts. After doing the research and trying…

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The best water-based lube available

Sliquid Lube Review

Comparison of Silk, H20, Silver, and Sea After researching Sliquid online, I was star-struck when I saw them on the shelves at Smitten Kitten.  After all, their lubes are 100% vegan friendly, they never use animal testing, and it’s made…

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A Guide to Pegging Your Partner With a Strap On

Can pegging make your partner a better lover? Some people, including experts in the sex and relationships field, certainly think so. “When I have sex with cisgender men, the ones who receive anal penetration are much better lovers than those who haven’t,”…

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The 6 Best Sex Toys For Your Penis, So Pencil In Some “Me Time” ASAP

A little reminder: Although May is National Masturbation Month, you never need an excuse to get down with yourself. If you have a penis and are in the market for some new sex toys, then good news: You’re in luck!…

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Just wanted to say that I love your lube!

I am a big fan of flavored lubricants; I love that they cover up the odor of sex so that the whole room doesn’t smell like vagina juices hours after the deed (which some people may love). The Blue Raspberry…

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leJournal – Sliquid Naturals H2O Review

You’ve probably heard about Sliquid before. It seems to be every blogger’s favorite brand of lubricant. I’ve heard so many people raving about it that is has convinced me to purchase a bottle and see for myself. I must admit that I…

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Sliquid is our favourite lubricant brand!

Seriously, Sliquid is wonderful. We have to thank all the sex toy reviewers who recommended this company. One of the powers of talking and blogging about sex toys and accessories is that the good brands stand out. We had only tried Sliquid…

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A Couple of Kinks

Wetlandia – Organics Silk Review

Organics Silk Review by Wetlandia If one were to survey what kind of lube people prefer, you will get very polarized results. A lot of people swear by their silicone-based lube, but many are huge fans of water-based ones. And what…

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Emmeline Peaches- Organics Sensations Review

As you can probably guess from the ingredients list Sliquid Organics Sensations is devoid of any parabens, glycerine, and petroleum but Sliquid also go the extra mile by making sure that none of their ingredients are tested on animals too.…

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Organics Sensations Bottle

Scandarella- Sliquid Sea Review

I’ve been a fan of Sliquid lubricants for a while, but one that never really caught my attention was Sliquid Sea. I don’t know why I never thought to try it, but I hadn’t, so was pleased as punch when…

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Sliquid Sea Bottle