Sex After Menopause is All About Lube & These Are the Best Ones to Try

This probably isn’t news to you at this point, but both your body and your vulva change throughout every stage of your reproductive health, including menopause. With that, there may be some additional changes in your sex life. If you’ve already reached menopause (meaning you haven’t had your period in over…

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My 58-Year-Old Mom Tried the Best Lubes for Menopause and Vaginal Dryness—Here Are Her Honest Thoughts

My mother masturbates. She’ll smack me on the shoulder when she sees this, but I’ll say the same thing to her then as I say to you now: It’s the truth. My family is Mexican and Catholic, and growing up, we just didn’t talk about sex—but lately, that’s…

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Sliquid Organics Natural 4oz - Organic Personal Lubricant - Best Organic Lube

The 7 Best Lubes To Use if You’re Prone to UTIs, According to an OB/GYN.

There’s an unspoken “golden” rule amongst the sexually active, particularly vulva owners, to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)—always get up and pee after sex, no matter how tired and satiated you are. After all that grinding and thrusting, bacteria (be it your own or your partner’s)…

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Sliquid Naturals H20

The 7 Best Lubes for Sensitive Skin

Using personal lubricants (lubes, for short) can enhance sexual pleasure and make for a better experience by reducing friction and dryness during sex. But not all lubes are created equal — especially if you have sensitive skin. “Some ingredients in lubricants can cause irritation to…

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We Taste-Tested a Bunch of Flavored Lubes—These Are The Best 

Why use a flavored lube? Giving oral sex through a safer-sex barrier. If you’re using a condom or a dental dam while going down on someone, you could just deal with the taste of latex (or polyisoprene or polyurethane, as the case may be). Let’s be real: It’s probably not…

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Best lubricant for menopause 2022: Top products for relief and hydration.

The best lubricants are ideal for improving sexual pleasure for any consenting adult. For menopausal women, however, it’s not just about making penetrative sex more comfortable and pleasurable. It’s also about providing day-to-day relief of vaginal dryness. Read more on Expert Reviews.

17 Lesbian-Friendly Sex Toy Options That Are Perfect for Partner or Solo Play

From compact vibrators to custom dildos, there are so many different sex toy options out there to fulfill your every whim and desire it’s almost expected to have multiple trial and error moments until you find those that really speak to you. And while there are plenty of goodies that…

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16 Best Organic Lubes That Are Nightstand-Worthy

Gone are the days when all we had for personal lubricant was KY Jelly. Not that there’s anything wrong with the original KY Jelly – it certainly can get the job done. But for those with fussier, more sensitive vulvas, vaginas, and penises, it could leave us, well, unsatisfied to…

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The Best Sex Lubes That Don’t Smell Like Motor Oil

Lube is like Maldon salt—it just makes everything better. Sex with and without condoms, solo-masturbating, inserting tampons and making your foreplay into a downsized version of my favorite Japanese television program, Nuru Nuru Treasure Hunter. There’s no right or wrong amount of lube to use. It’s…

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The 13 Best Flavored Lubes for Some Sexy, Sweet Fun

Lube, in general, is recommended for any additional glide you might want to add during sex, but can come in either flavored or unflavored varieties. Many people enjoy the edible aspect of using a flavored lubricant, and adding more flavor to the experience can be a major turn-on. …

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