Dean Elliott

Founder & CEO
Dean Elliott - Founder & CEO

Dean Elliott is the larger than life Founder & CEO of Sliquid.

Dean is what might be considered a serial entrepreneur, having been a part of what seems to be every industry imaginable since earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NYU. Starting in the late 90’s, Dean was coordinating location logistics, including security, medic & transportation, for the booming reality TV industry. He worked on just about every reality show you can name, on location all over the world. At the same time, Dean was building a reputation as a successful voiceover artist, voicing spots for many of the coolest brands, including Volvo & the WWF. Everything Dean does, he does wholeheartedly, and with a passion for excellence. He came up with the idea for Sliquid at the beginning of the new millennium, and had products formulated and on shelves within 2 years. Since then, Dean has grown Sliquid into one of the biggest and most respected brands of intimate products, with no signs of slowing down. Don’t think he has gotten comfortable though – Dean is currently working hard on his next venture(s) – and you can be sure it will be a success.

Colin Roy

Senior VP

Colin Roy holds the title of “first Sliquid employee” and has been with the company since 2004.

Colin currently handles many positions in the Sliquid offices, overseeing most daily operations, including inventory & quality control, supply chain management, logistics, and IT. Colin built and maintains the office computer and VOIP phone network, and manages the design and development of all Sliquid websites. Outside of the office, Colin is a husband, and a father of 2, and enjoys working side jobs in the audio engineering and audio production fields.

Colin Roy

Erik Vasquez

VP Marketing

Erik Vasquez is our charismatic Vice President of Marketing.

In his role as VP of Marketing, Erik is responsible for directing the voice, aesthetics, and ethos of the Sliquid brand. Under his direction, the Sliquid creative team use their extraordinary talent to execute his vision, heightening the visibility of the Sliquid product line through the creation and implementation of every aspect of the brand’s B2B and B2C marketing and sales strategies. A native Dallasite, Erik is a well-established member of the local LGBT community. His activism within this community has helped him hone his networking skills and develop his ability to create genuine rapport with people from all industries and backgrounds. At home, Erik shares his life with his partner, James, and his dog, Piper, and donates a considerable portion of his free time and expertise to charitable causes.

Michelle Marcus

Director of Sales

Ms. Marcus is our fashionable Director of Sales.

And once you see her shine on the sales floor, you will never have to ask why. Michelle joined the Sliquid staff with over ten years of experience in Broadcast Public Relations, Client Services, and Television News Producing. She has worked with both large-scale & boutique clients across the US, developing “advertorial” pieces for America’s most sought-after consumer brands, which has allowed Glitter great success in both sales and creative development. She also brings to the table hands-on experience in the Trade Show Industry, which is a great bonus to the Sliquid team, as their presence is often found at the most widely attended shows around the world. Born in Pittsburgh PA, raised in Northern NJ & currently residing in Dallas, TX, Michelle spends her time outside of the office with her fashion-forward black toy poodle, Elee.

Michelle Marcus

Israel Rivera

Art Director

Israel Rivera is our loveable Art Director.

Israel, who hails from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, is the multifaceted graphic artist behind a large portion of the visual content seen on Sliquid’s website, social media, print, and digital advertising. He is instrumental in creating cohesive, modern marketing content, through highly creative visual concepts, that drives the company’s instantly recognizable branding.

Jorden Rodriguez

Web Developer

Jorden Rodriguez

We’re happy to introduce out talented young and attractive new web developer. Versed in all things programming as well as being hilarious. He’s always a joy and its been a great honor to add him to our team. -Jorden wrote this