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The Sliquid Staff

The Sliquid Staff - Dean Elliott

Founder & CEO

Dean Elliott is the larger than life Founder & CEO of Sliquid, LLC. Dean is what might be considered a serial entrepreneur, having been a part of what seems to be every industry imaginable since earning his liberal arts degree from NYU. Starting in the late 90’s, Dean was coordinating location logistics, including security, medic & transportation, for the booming reality TV industry. He worked on just about every reality show you can name, on location all over the world. At the same time, Dean was building a reputation as a successful voiceover artist, voicing spots for many of the coolest brands, including Volvo & the WWF. Everything Dean does, he does wholeheartedly, and with a passion for excellence. He came up with the idea for Sliquid at the beginning of the new millennium, and had products formulated and on shelves within 2 years. Since then, Dean has grown Sliquid into one of the biggest and most respected brands of intimate products, with no signs of slowing down. Don’t think he has gotten comfortable though – Dean is currently working hard on his next venture(s) – and you can be sure it will be a success.
The Sliquid Staff - Michelle Marcus

VP of Sales & Merchandising

Ms. Marcus is a multi-faceted broadcast professional, known affectionately as “Glitter,” and once you see her shine on the sales floor, you will never have to ask why. Michelle joins the Sliquid staff with over ten years of experience in Broadcast Public Relations, Client Services and Television News Producing. She has worked with both large-scale & boutique clients across the US, developing “advertorial” pieces for America’s most sought after consumer brands, which has allowed Glitter great successes in both sales and creative development. She also brings to the table hands-on experience in the Trade Show Industry, which is a great bonus to the Sliquid team, as their presence is often found at the most widely attended shows around the world. Born in Pittsburgh PA, raised in Northern NJ & currently residing in Dallas, TX, Michelle spends her time outside of the office with her fashion-forward black toy poodle, Daphne.

Senior VP

Colin holds the title as the first Sliquid employee, and has been with the company since 2004, starting when there were only 3 Sliquid formulations. Colin currently mans many positions in the Sliquid offices, overseeing most daily operations, including inventory & quality control, supply chain management, logistics, and IT. Colin built and maintains the office computer and VOIP phone network, and manages design and development of all Sliquid websites. Outside of the office, Colin is a husband, and a father of 2, and enjoys working side jobs in the audio engineering and audio production fields.
The Sliquid Staff - Erik Vasquez

Marketing Director

Erik joins the Sliquid team as the new Marketing Director. A native Dallasite, Erik is a well-established member of the local LGBT community. In collaboration with the VP of Sales and Merchandising, Erik is responsible for the creation and implementation of marketing and sales strategies focused on heightening the visibility of our product line. Erik comes to us from a long career in customer service and administrative positions, which allows him to also play a supportive role to our Senior VP. At home, Erik shares his life with his partner James and donates a large portion of his free time and energy to charitable causes.
The Sliquid Staff - Randall Ramyad

Warehouse Manager

Randall joined our team after moving to Texas from New York. He is originally from Trinidad. He is a long way from both of his homes, but we are glad he is here because Randall is a wizard in the warehouse. Which is why we are very happy to have him as our warehouse manager. He keeps everything organized and moving with intense efficiency. In his spare time, he likes to cook for his friends and family. He is a foodie at heart, and a valued member of our team.

Art Director

Mary is joining the Sliquid team as an Art Director ready to provide any art or illustrations the team needs. Mary works directly with the rest of the team to keep everything looking good. In her spare time, Mary likes to keep drawing and painting. She also likes to play video games when she finds the time to pry herself away from her drawing tablet.

Executive Liaison

Sliquid welcomes Martae Hunter to the team in the role of Executive Liaison. Prior to joining the company, Martae studied journalism at the University of Mississippi… aka Ole Miss… Hotty Toddy! With five years of customer service experience, including management and sales expertise, Martae’s position plays an integral role in the daily operations of the Sliquid headquarters. In this new role for Sliquid, Martae provides crucial support to all departments, including the busy warehouse, and our marketing, sales and customer service teams. Outside of Sliquid, Martae is a successful, licensed realtor servicing Texan’s who are looking to find their dream homes. He also enjoys spending as much quality time with family and friends as possible.
The Sliquid Staff - Lex Lu

Social Media

Lex is a Dallas,Texas native with an extensive background in arts, entertainment, image consulting and brand management. As Sliquid’s Social Media Manager she is responsible for organizing all social media posts, designing our social layout, researching third party material, and engaging with our readers and clients online. In her spare time Lex runs a family oriented blog sowellgroomed.com and hosts her own podcast.