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2021-09-13 04:07

Peeco Asked: Silk Availability?

Do you have an estimate for when Silk will be back in stock? Seems to be sold out just about everywhere and would love to give it a try! Thanks!

Sliquid Answered:


We are expecting to restock Silk products by the end of the month. We suggest signing up on the waitlist on the product page so you will be notified when it comes back in stock.

2021-09-07 10:11

Annie Asked: shipping

What is “route shipping protection” , how is the charge calculated and how do I track my shipment? The “Route” email I received doesn’t do anything. That is, it has no record of my order/shipment. Thanks. Annie

Sliquid Answered:

Route is optional shipping insurance that automatically replaces lost or damaged shipments. Your order has not shipped yet, so they do not have the tracking information yet.

You will also get the tracking number via email once your order ships, so tracking through Route is not required.



2021-09-03 10:59

Kevin Asked: Is this possible?

I’m planning to buy some sliquid products for a loved one, but I need to know if the delivery note can be used to ensure the recipient also receives a paper with a personalized message. (something like “Hi [name], enjoy the gift, [insert pun here].) Can this be done? If so, how much will the add-on cost?

Sliquid Answered:


The order notes section will be printed on the packing slip at no charge.

2021-09-03 10:54

Lee Asked: How to apply SOUL

Hello. A few questions:

I only see SOUL in the pillow packets as part of the SOUL CUBE and REFRESH CUBE (you need a search option on this site!).
How is it used? Internally? I don’t see any notes on that.

I’m looking for a vaginal moisturizer.

Why is SATIN only available in the packets? Will it be available again soon in bottles?

Lastly, are the products I can get via Amazon 100% YOUR products?

Thank you!

Sliquid Answered:


There is a search function in the Main Menu, and at the top right of the page on Desktop. Soul is recommended as an external moisturizer. If you know you can use oils internally without issues, you can do that, but we dont suggest internal use because some people do have issues with it.

Satin would be a better choice for internal lubrication. You can apply with your hands, or there are products (lube applicators) available on Amazon or other retailers if you are looking for a deeper application.

Satin will be available soon in larger bottles.

We don’t sell to Amazon, or on Amazon ourselves. You would be buying from a 3rd party on Amazon.


2021-08-27 11:51

Morgan Asked: Restock

I want to get the 8oz H20 sliquid, but all I see in stock are 2oz. Should I wait for a restock or grab the 2oz while I can? I don’t want to miss out but at the same time I want a bottle that will last. Should I expect more soon?Thanks so much

Sliquid Answered:

We are expecting to have the H2O 4.2oz later today, or possibly Monday, and the 8oz later next week.

2021-08-23 04:47

Sliq Asked: Yeast infection

I used sliquid vaginal moisturizer and now I have a yeast infection. Is this a common side effect?.

Sliquid Answered:


This is not a common side effect of our products, as we specifically formulate sugar derivative free for all our products, including our Satin Moisturizer.

All of our products are verified with 3rd party micro testing during batching and after bottling.

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