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2022-05-17 05:43

Deb Asked: How to choose a product?

There are so many products–I prefer organic and water soluble. So besides that what are the advantages to each kind?

Sliquid Answered:

Sticking to the Organics line, Natural and Natural Gel are the same ingredients, with Natural Gel being a bit thicker. Oceanics is similar to Natural, with the added benefit of seaweed extracts. Sensation goes on cool and warms with friction.

2022-04-28 02:38

Moon Asked: Discreet Packaging

Are your products shipped in discreet packaging?

Sliquid Answered:

Yes, our packaging is discrete. USPS will list only “Customer Care” on the label.

2022-04-22 05:36

Jas Asked: Coupon code

How long does the 20th Anniversary sale last?

Sliquid Answered:

The additional discount coupon for our 20 year anniversary (obtained by signing up for the newsletter) is good through July.

2022-04-22 03:45

Ian Asked: Osmolality & PH


We are long time and avid users of your products! Can you please provide the osmolality and PH for all of your products? We are trying to make good longer term decisions about products that may effect our bodies.



Sliquid Answered:

All sliquid lubricants are 4.1 – 4.4pH, and in the 500 – 800 range for osmalality. The Naturals line is lower than the Organics line.

2022-04-01 11:58

TY Asked: Silk Latex-Safe?

Is Sliquid Silk safe to use with latex condoms?

Sliquid Answered:

Yes, Silk is safe to use with latex.

2022-03-30 11:47

Steve Asked: ph and osmolality of several of your lube types

Where can I get the details “specs” on what the pH and osmolality levels are for your lubes? Specifically I’m looking for this information for your “Naturals” and “Organics” lines. I saw 4.0-4.4 listed – but that seems to be listed for all. I don’t see anything about osmolality.

Please advise

Sliquid Answered:

All Sliquid lubricants are pH 4.1 – 4.4 (a range is listed because pH can shift over time, so it depends on the age of the product). All Sliquid lubricants are under the WHO recommended 1200 mOsm/kg – typically in the 500 – 800 range, with the Organics products being on the higher end.

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