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Sliquid Natural Gel

Having tried many products over the years, Sliquid Natural Gel is our go-to and now the only lube we use. As a mature couple we find the natural & non-sticky gel is wonderful and it lasts well, non-staining and no need for clean up after play. A great all-rounder for natural sex or toy play, it really is the only lube you'll need! Shipping to our non-USA destination is fast & efficient.

Feels so good, so right. Perfect.

This added unexpectedly another dimension to intercourse. Texture is like the real thing and the lube lasts. Feels better, no sticky feeling, lasts longer. Makes her feel silky inside, for me makes it feel much more sensual. So great, caused her to lose control and squirt several times. Uncontrollably. This lube rocks. Thanks sliquid.

No issues

This is a great gentle product for my sensitive skin. I also love the Sassy.

Tranquility Oil Bliss

I am not a huge fan of scented oils in general, but this product is absolutely intoxicating. Can’t go without it in my home

The best anal lube

I refuse to use any lube for anal besides Sliquid Silk. There's nothing else to say really. It's top in class. 10/10

Best for Sensitive Skin

My wife routinely gets irritated with even medical grade lubricants during routine obgyn exams. Not with this stuff. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!

The only lube I can use

Love the sassy slidquid it’s the only one I can find that doesn’t contain harsh chemical preservatives

Sliquid is my lube of choice

I love Sliquid lube! It never causes discomfort or infections, and I don't feel the need to have to wash it off after use like other lubes. The closest thing to my own natural lubrication. I have been a loyal Sliquid customer for years and have no intent to change brands. During the pandemic when there were supply chain issues and I could not get a bottle, I tried a similar product recommended as the next best thing by a sales clerk, and I found that the comparable product had an unpalatable flavor. Sliquid has a totally neutral flavor that's almost as if its not even there.

Sliquid H2O Lube — Test & Review

This is a fantastic lube, and one I would recommend to people of all genders and genitals. It's wonderfully formulated for those with sensitive vaginas, but also works well for all kinds of uses, whether those be with sex toys or partners. It does have some pitfalls that all water-based lubes fall victim to, like drying out over time, but I don't think it fairs particularly worse than other brands on that front. The only thing I deduct some decimal points for is the design and rigidity of the bottle — I'm thinking of decanting mine into a pump bottle!
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