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Best Lube We have Tried!

Sliquid sassy is by far the best lube we have tried! It is often promoted as a water based anal lubricant but it is very versatile and works for just about anything its smooth and doesn't get sticky like other lubes. we love it.

Sliquid Silver is pure perfection!

Sliquid Silver is the greatest lube on the market. It has saved my marriage and brought so much more pleasure to my wife and I than I can express! Best product ever. Buy it! Not sticky and stays silky smooth for longer than any of us could last.

Sliquid Organics, can't go wrong!

When my husband read the ingredients, I was all in, I'm very sensitive to things like this and being organic was very important to both of us.After first use of organic natural gel, I was smiling ear to ear, absolutely love this Lubricant, feels natural during love play, this was important after my surgery which left me completely dry and taking hormones was not an option, thank you Sliquid for looking out for us women.

Sliquid Organics “Natural”

Very awesome product, my partner and me love it!!

49 yo post breast cancer treatment and in menopause-try Sliquid Silver!

HI, I have to share this for anyone else who might find themselves in my shoes. Last year at 48 y o and 3 small kids , I went thro the mill of breast cancer treatment...chemo, mastectomy, I am onto 5 years Oestrogen Suppression (Tamoxifen) oh, (and chemo had pushed me into menopause too!) It has been a lot to process emotionally and mentally ...and sex just disappeared from the agenda as survival was main pre-occupation. Started to feel more normal pre Christmas and tried one of the Sliquid Natural Aqua product as I was v slow to do anything non-natural after all the chemicals I d endured. Didn't work for us...and I honestly thought that my sex life was over , 'just like that' to quote Carrie Bradshaw! But some kind clever husband posted a review of how Sliquid Silver helped with his wife's menopause. So I said couldn't hurt to try...and I am VERY VERY HAPPY to report that is 100% accurate did NOT hurt and was easy -peasy, the littlest bit lasted and let's just say ours is a contented house today! Hope this helps others!

The Best

Tried many -- always come back to sliquid.

the best lube ever

After hitting a menopause and getting drier and drier tried different brands.This is the BEST! And it's organic.No mess, does the job and no worries about getting some chemicals inside my body.


I WAS ON A BUISNESS TRIP FORGOT MY FACE TREATMENTS, I grabbed the bottle of the H20 Sliquid and used it under my make up my face was soo smooth and my coworkers complimented my make up. Now this is all I love under my face powder.


Smooth and silky. Tastes great too
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