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Longtime lifetime user.

I've been using this brand for possibly 6 years now and I have always been very pleased with the product. Previously, I was getting it from a local adult store but the quality didn't seem the same, so I decided to just buy it from the makers themselves. I noticed that some reviews say that the H20 lube can dry up quickly a great tip I got from a partner was to add a little bit of water to the area it was applied to and it's smooth texture returns.

Silver & Sassy

Silver is sexy. You don't need much, doesn't get sticky. Smooth movement. A+ Sassy is great. Has a cold feel when applied which feels nice. Does get a little sticky overtime, so reapplying or adding water is necessary

Honestly the best I’ve ever used!

I love this stuff! Got a bottle after a friend told me and it’s amazing! Super slippery and last quite a while. Will be buying more!

Love it

I buy various sliquid lines and I don't dislike any of them. I love the organics and also the sassy. I'm a cam model so I definitely use a lot of lube and I always come back go sliquids if I try anything else.

Not bad

The Sea Naturals product isn't bad at all, though I found myself using more than I'd initially anticipated. All I can do is try out another one of the Sliquid line for a comparison - something I don't mind doing!

Love this product

Every other size except the 2oz was out, so I got the 2oz however I love this size. It is so small and convenient. The product itself is so gentle and moisturizing, has not given me any issues at all!

Believe me, no burning no itching!!

Nothing worked on my sensitive skin but this. No irritation days later, no odor, no stickiness and no burning. You might not believe me but it makes me last longer. I love it. To the SLIQUID team, you make an amazing Product and I hope it will never change.

Favorite lubricants

I have been using Sliquid products for about ten years,i love the variety.My absolute favorite lubricant is the SassyIt never lets me down

I love selling Sliquid

We carry Sliquid products in the independently owned adult store I work in. I love the purity of your products. I also love that they're cruelty free.
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