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This is so much better than the standard stuff, cuz it’s not sticky or heavy. You will be glad you tried it, and won’t want any other.

This Old Couple Loves Sliquid

After my beautiful wife having gone through menopause, we were looking for a lube that was friendly to her physiologically as well as helped with dryness and minor pain. We can report that all of the Sliquid products we've tried recently have been superb. We are greatful to this company for their focus on the woman's health aspect and my wife reports no issues. The lubes are silky, smooth and produce lubrication very close to natural. Thank you Sliquid for providing just what this old couple needed! Oh, and yes we HIGHLY recommend Sliquid products.

Favorite lube ever!

This lube has a great consistency, doesn’t smell or taste weird, and doesn’t burn my vagina. I’ll never use another lube again!

Sliquid is heaven

Sliquid is a powerful company made by women for women thank you


Sliquid Silk, was by far my favorite from the sample pack. Amazing at simulating "the real thing", which is a fantastic visual addition to any toy, and it stays slippery for a very long time without ever getting sticky. Can't wait to try again...and again...


Excellent product for my partner and I, the right combination of lubrication that is not messy

The Best Ever

H2O is fantastically smooth and adds that special feeling. My favorite 😻

The Perfect Fit

My guy and I are the perfect fit in many ways- but he's bigger than frankly, my body was ready for. Enter the magic of Sliquid and we are able to have fun in all kinds of ways, without lubrication that tastes weird or gets all over everything. It's something I feel comfortable putting in my body and my mouth and who doesn't love a slip n slide in the bedroom?

Arguably the best lube for masturbation

Sliquid Silk is silky to use and touch. There’s a touch of a creamy texture there too, which is not a hybrid lube thing. It’s a Sliquid Silk thing. It brings an arousing sensation, great for slow strokes and intimacy. There’s also some silicone in there to make it longer-lasting, and ensure you only need a few drops for it to last. More of the natural ingredients are sunflower seed oil and green tea. These keep your skin fresh and calm during your sessions, which is always a bonus. Always check the bottle and make a patch test on a little-used part of your toy to be sure!
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