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The absolute best

Sliquid Sassy is my JAM. While Sliquid DOES have a product directed at FTM individuals, let me tell you why I buy Sassy instead.If you're going through HRT, things can get sensitive and uncomfortable FAST. Sassy's extra-cushiony glide lets you explore and play longer without irritation and it dramatically improves sensation.It's literally the greatest ever with all my silicone toys, but it's also the only lube I chose for solo au natural play.Try it! It's incredible stuff, and I order it in the largest size I can get my hands on :)

Smooth as Sliquid Silk

I just tried the Silk, H20, Sea, and Silver. I like them all, but the Silk is absolutely lovely. It feels soft, lasts for a long time, and is easy to clean up. All of the lubricants also smell good! One thing I don't like about other brands is the funny chemical smell some of them have, but none of that with Sliquid lubes, which I'm very happy about.


Love it!

Simply perfect

I have a very sensitive body and am always just trying to find stuff that doesn’t make it go crazy. To put it in perspective, I can’t even use the “for sensitive skin” lotions. So to have no issues whatsoever…


The Oceanics sliquid is phenomenal! So much better than any other lube I’ve found. Doesn’t get sticky or gross. Stays smooth the whole time. Even better, I can pronounce every ingredient.

What is on you goes in you

I buy Sliquid Organics because they are made out of natural, organic ingredients. If medicine can be delivered through your skin, you can be sure that ANYTHING you put on your skin enters your body as well.

Wonderful product

Wonderful product This is a high-quality product There are many products like this out there but none compare as far as I’m concerned Ty

Sliquid Satin

My and my girlfriend’s favorite lube. Great for toys. Long-lasting and never sticky. No smell or taste. Never causes irritation.

Creamy White Natural Lube

As close to a healthy discharge as you can get! The product has become a daily part of me! It’s like youth serum for the below half. Beautiful product!!
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