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Sliquid products now available in South Africa

Sliquid Naturals and Organics products are now available for the first time to the South African lubricant consumer. Sliquid products are my own personal favourite and am I sure that the products will be a great success in South Africa.

H20 Review

My husband and I enjoyed this lubricant very much! It's the closest we've found to nature without extra additives. Thank you Sliquid.

Gentle and Effective

Splash Sliquid Balance: Very gentle, nonirritating, and completely effective. Love that it is without all the bad ingredients common in drug store brands. Appreciate the non-scented version. Sometimes scents can be irritating.

No Irritating chemicals

I used the Sliquid Organics lubricant. Not only does it work very well but it nourishes the skin. It's good to find a product with botanicals that doesn't contain irritating chemicals.

Love It!!!!!!!!!!!

I love these products!!!!!!!!!!! They typically don't irritate me and I've been using for years: O Gel – Sliquid Organics & Natural Gel – Sliquid Organics... would definitely recommend.

Lip Lickers - Fun assortment!

I had tried this product in a different flavor before, and was curious to try something new. I also wanted to involve my husband in the "shopping" process. This handy assortment is a great way to test out several flavors and decide which one suits us best... I've found that each packet lasts awhile and can easily rest against the tissue box on the bedside table without tipping or making a mess - or can be stashed back in its original box while trying out a different one. This would make a great (private) "stocking stuffer" for that special someone and you!

Smooth As Sliquid

This stuff is fantastic! Great for more intimate nights or just to ease the speed.

So Helpful

I have to say that I was skeptical about this product but it came recommended by my doctor. I’ve tried others and wasn’t happy with them but this product is so smooth and makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed and ready for intimacy. It’s really moisturizing and feels silky smooth so you think of nothing but enjoying my time with my husband. Thank you for renewing our intimacy.

Not scared to feel intimacy anymore

I have pelvic floor disfunction & interstitial cystitis. Me and my boyfriend had a hard time staying sexually active because I was always in pain and raw down there. Then I was introduced to Sliquid Satin Moisturizer, I use it twice daily and just the difference in a week I noticed my sweet spots finally started getting wet again and I don’t think anyone understands how happy that makes me because now I don’t have to avoid or be afraid of having sex and four play anymore. It FINALLY feels amazing again.
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