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H2O all natural

I love the H2O all natural lube. That’s the only lube that does not give me health issues after I use it. I love that lube. Thank you!

My review on sliquid

Best lube I have ever used. It's the H20 sliquid is perfect for anyone who is sensative to regular lubes. I will never use any other lube!

Best for both

Best stuff I have used for both of us.


My husband and I just used the sensation sliquid lubricant. My both enjoyed it. We used a different brand before and resulted in a yeast infection. After talking with a friend, she informed me about sliquid. We love the slight tingle affect. I love the fact that it does not make a mess and my husband loves that it is fragrant free. We are excited to try other products from sliquid.

Sassy Sliquid is Perfect for Basic to Extremely Advanced Use

This is the perfect product for just about every type of play you can imagine and works with more toys than any other lube I've ever used, seen, or researched. A little goes a long way which is great! So you're not stopping the fun to relube 😏 It's also perfect in consistency; not too thick or thin, doesn't make a greasy, globby, or even any difficult to clean type of stain. Non-irritating to my sensitive skin, no heavy scent, and no over-powering flavor either. I'd recommend this to any and all as a superior lubricant!

Sliquid h20

I love this lube its is the ONLY ONE that i can use that doesnt cause me to have a severe reaction. It works very well feels natural has no funny smell to it. It always seems like im using alot but i use so little each time. Highly suggest this to men/women that are highly sensitive !

Why Sliquid? Because it's the best!

We use Sliquid exclusively because of the performance, & the range of different types of lube-when you get older the body needs a little help-sometimes a creamier lube is good-sometimes you want a little more slippery. Sliquid lubes are consistently high quality, affordable solutions.

Da best

This is ultimately the best lubrication I have possibly ever used. I have bought many high-dollar cheap, I do consider this a medium-priced item but it is well worth the money.

Sliquid H20

Works very well
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