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Liked Sliquid H2O

One of the best organic lube in the market! I liked Sliquid H2O very much. No irritation, no heavy feeling, no sticky feeling. It also does not dry out easily!

Loved this with Sex Toys

Sliquid lubes are very high-quality for the price. I have tried many lubes in various ranges, yet Sliquid has surprised me with its quality. We use this with various sex toys for both anal and vaginal sex.


Great stuff .Been using it for a while , and consider it the BEST!


Great stuff .Been using it for a while , and consider it the BEST!

It Is Great

It works well. It is slippery and gets the job done.

H2O is great

So much better than the drugstore options which started to cause burning and irritation. H2O doesn't have any of those nasty chemicals. Just a nice slick lube that does what you need. Makes everything so much more comfortable!

Happy Pair

We use Sassy for anal digital and toy play. It's slippery and stays slippery right up to the happy ending.

Sliquid Sassy is the best

My wife and I are in our mid sixties and we have a very active and rewarding sex life. the Sassy lube is the best we have tried and we have tried many, all water based to protect our toys. Sassy is just the right consistency and lasts as long as we do, which is much longer than in our early years. We highly recommend it.

Top Choice!

Sliquid is perfect for squirting dildos. It ideally mimics the texture of cum and is easy to clean (just like the real thing is)
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