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Wonderfully moisturized & ready for round two!

I purchased the Sliquid Oceanics, I found it to be a great product and I will be reordering. I previously used coconut oil and was wanting something organic and natural, but something that was in a more convenient container and the fact that it was ph balanced sold me! TMI ALERT: my boyfriend said to me actually yesterday that it has helped our sex life because we get to enjoy having relations more frequently because of this product!

Sliquid products are the best!

Sliquid products are the best! the customer service is great and the Sassy lube is awesome, simply the best lube on the market, non-sticky, no smell, no taste, and very easy to clean up. Love it.

Lasts and lasts

Sliquid Silver is the best of the silicone lubes. My man and I had a great night of pure fun and love. Thank you for the no irritation formula.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product

Menopausal...can you relate? It takes a bit getting over being embarrassed when my brain is saying go and my body isn't doing what it ought to be. Most other lubes are tacky, taste funny, and give me serious irritation. The last thing I want is to feel uncomfortable after enjoying making love with my man and not for the right reasons. I tried the sassy lube and it doesn't get tacky or have any taste or smell.  


Sliquid products are the best. We have been using them for a couple of years now and they are amazing. The Oceanics and Massage oils are the best we have found at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Love the product!

Many lubes I've tried irritate me. For me it was just a matter of trial and error of trying several lubes until I found one that didn't irritate me and sliquid is the one I finally found. I also loved the fact it didn't have an odor and you don't need to use a lot to get all the lubrication you need.

Love the product!

Love the product! Works well and the mint scent is divine👍🏽

My Review

Nice product, gentle and effective.

A permanent spot in my nightstand

The Sea Sliquid is by far my favorite! My first time purchasing it a few months back, and now it will have a permanent spot in my nightstand!(:
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