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Love the Gel

The gel product fit us perfectly. It is long lasting and super slick. Cleans up easily.

5 star product

No odor, non-irritating, very slick, small amount goes a long way, water based. What more could you want? I can’t see this drying out or getting tacky unless you are treating her to a serious marathon session lol.

Love it

Loved the Soul intimate massage oil. It's a thicker oil, so it's not messy and feels amazing.

Naturally Good

Sliquid H2O has been my lube of choice for years now due to not only the natural ingredients and lack of sugars, but also the way it mimics the bodies natural lubrication. Slick but not oily, long lasting without being tacky, supportive of the ph balance, and no off putting chemical scents or tastes.

Great Product

This product met my expectations and well worth the price.

Sliquid Sassy Has Arrived

I'm looking forward to using it for the first time. As I have just begun to explore other fun parts of my body and self exploration. And exploring fun new ways with my wife and pegging. This product came highly recommended to me. As I guy I also appreciate the line of products Sliquid offered to men, thank you. I look forward to exploring the line of men's products in future orders.

Cleans as advertised

I bought this product to restock my cleaning products for all of my toys. This was my first purchase from Sliquid. As a guy I can really appreciate the products they make. I used this test how the product works and it does quite well.

I love sliquid!

I absolutely love sliquid - sliquid soul, in particular. It feels wonderfully moisturizing & lasts long with easy clean up. No weird scents or tastes to deal with.

I should have ordered more!

The Balanced Massage Oil is one of the best products I’ve ever used. It is very smooth to the skin and easy to use to get the kinks out but isn’t oily and absorbs quickly leaving the skin soft and moisturizer better than even most professional spa products. I just wished I would have ordered more than one bottle!
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