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GOOP LA Holiday Shop Features Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

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GOOP LA Holiday Shop Features Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

If you want to gaze at the types of gifts tastemaker Gwyneth Paltrow gives to her nearest and dearest, then venture to Brentwood Country Mart, where the actress-entrepreneur’s favorite things (yes, this is Paltrow’s list of favorites, not Oprah’s) are available for sale.

The pop-up shop for Paltrow’s brand Goop takes up residence for the second time in Los Angeles. It will be open from Thursday through Dec. 24.


The venue is split into categories such as the Health Nut, the Traveller, the Cook and the Lover, and offers gift ideas for each segment.

Whether you’re finishing your holiday shopping or hoping for a Paltrow sighting, a team of white-clad staffers will be on hand at the pop-up shop to serve hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes, write gift recipients’ names in calligraphy, offer free gift wrapping and emboss, engrave and monogram items for a small fee.

Read the Article at LA

Gwyneth Paltrow Discusses Sliquid With Chelsea Handler

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Chatting about lube on the tube! Gwyneth Paltrow’s first-ever Goop sex issue recommends several products to avid readers, including a $15,000 dildo, but the actress is most excited about a nontoxic lube she found. She raved about the item during the second episode of Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix talk show, Chelsea.

Paltrow, 43, was inspired to search for the perfect lube after watching Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. Lily Tomlin’s Frankie has been making her own lubrication out of yams for years.

“We started thinking, Is lube toxic? Why is she making homemade lube? And then we started reading [the ingredients]. We’re very conscious about nontoxic products at Goop. And we learned that lube is actually really toxic,” Paltrow explained to Handler, 41. “It goes in very absorbent areas, as we know, so, yes, we found a nontoxic organic lube that we are now selling on!”

A bottle of the Sliquid lube costs $13. “We set out to find a lube that comes close and meets the standards of the Goop clean beauty shop,” Paltrow’s site reads. “And to the joy of parched vaginas everywhere, we did.”

Goop’s recent sex issue also features a Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set ($189), a Jimmyjane Seduce Me Feather Tickler ($69), an Agent Provocateur Cat Whip ($535) and the aforementioned 14-karat-gold dildo ($15,000).

“Sex Toys have long since graduated from the floppy rubber things you hide in your bedside table to beautiful works of interactive art,” the Goop staff writes.

Paltrow became one of the first celebrities to start a lifestyle brand when she launched Goop in 2008. Along the way, she’s received some backlash for some of the site’s more expensive items.

“I think it is challenging for people to change careers. If you’re in the public eye and you make a shift, I think it’s confusing for a minute,” Paltrow said to Handler. “In a lot of ways I was the first, so I took a lot of s–t.”

Read the full article at

12 Advanced Sex Tips From Women Who Know What They’re Talking About

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12 Advanced Sex Tips From Women

For by Nichi Hodgson

“We’re always encouraged to reach for the lube, but (especially if you’re on the smaller side), it can sometimes help to leave it off. Too much can lead to too little sensitivity for your partner – a little friction is what sex depends upon. The trick is just to make sure you indulge in enough foreplay to allow her to get wet. If she’s struggling but you don’t want to over-grease the engine, opt for a half a pea sized blob of something non-chemical, such as Sliquid’s H2O.”


Lists of sex tricks are ten a penny on the old gossip wall that is the internet. Anyone that’s ever got it on can cobble together a must-do-between-the-sheets list. But what moves do the sexual elite pull in the sanctuary of their own bedrooms? We’ve probed the best educators and hottest adult performers to bring you a piping hot dozen …

1. Breathe!

“When I’m asked what the number one tip is to better sex, I always say “conscious breathing,” says Lady Cheeky, aka Los Angeles School of Sex Education Mistress, Elle Chase. “By controlling your breath you also control the oxygen in your bloodstream. Highly oxygenated blood gives our bodies more energy and helps our organs function toward their highest potential. Just learning how to do one very simple, specific breathing technique like Breath of Fire or synchronised breathing with your partner during sex and at climax can significantly improve your pleasure in the moment.”
2. Master your ohhh-xclamations

If there’s one much-neglected sense when it comes to arousal, it’s the oracular. Most of us leave dirty talk for the occasional drunken dial but if the erotic fiction trend is anything to go by, women love explicit words and you’d do well to exploit that. But nobody wants you to stutter, so pre-record her a hot voice memo. You can practice, record, listen back, and re-record until you’re happy with the effort. Time carefully when you send it – when she’s just waking up, just going to bed, or when she hints she’s horny is best. It’s also great practice for the live version.


3. Oral Queening it

Sure, some women like to lie back and think of England while you go to tongue-town, but you can raise the game by raising her. Two variations for a more intense sensation: first up, get her to lie with her head over the bed. The angle will give her a double head rush and intensify the orgasm. Second, ask her to go on her hands on knees (or knees and forearms if it’s more comfortable) and approach her from behind. The ‘reverse tongue’ effect it creates will blow her mind.


4. Blowjob angling

“Many penises curve to one side or the other,” says Sophie Delancey, from “It makes sense to approach your lady from an angle which will help best fit. If you curve slightly to the left or right, you can approach from that side, often easiest by having the recipient on their back in the middle of the bed while the giver crouches or lays at the appropriate angle of approach. This also allows the recipient to stimulate the giver as well.”


5. Vibrators make anal that bit easier

Some women are game to try anal sex but it can be a struggle to relax enough to facilitate it. Porn performer Casey Calvert recommends this jiggery-pokery: “Encourage her to pleasure herself with her favourite vibrator. The more she’s concentrating on front-end sensation, the less likely she is to tense up, so giving you the perfect opportunity to lube up and ease in.” And if she orgasms while she’s vibing? Even better.


6. Pre-pegging

If you’re intrigued by the idea of her anally stimulating you but don’t want to be “ridden”, get yourself an Aneros massager. It’s a great way to explore the sensitivity around that whole area, and can give you a fabulous prostate massage if you want to go that far. Either way, it’ll intensify your orgasm.
7.  Pegging plus

Once you’ve popped your pegging cherry, you’ll probably find that her cock play is just part of the pleasure – and that you’re ready to work your own member back in to proceedings. Given that your lady is likely to have her hands busy help her out and intensify your own orgasms by taking the helm yourself. Los Angeles sex educator Anne Hodder recommends adding a sleeve masturbator to proceedings. “Try the The Fleshjack by Fleshlight, a patented masturbator encased in a plastic sleeve that creates a suction sensation with every stroke. You can stroke to the beat of her thrusts and, together, they create an incredibly intense ‘dance’ that’ll end in raging orgasms.”


8. Forget about measuring up

Worrying about how long (or wide) your schlong is unnecessarily impairs sexual performance and your own fun. As co-editor of An Intimate Education, Emily Dubberley explains, “A study examining 60 years’ worth of studies found men cared way more than women about size – and as many women wished their partner was smaller as wished bigger. The vast majority of ladies were happy with what they got.
9.  Check in with her pressure points

What a woman needs to build up to orgasm is usually different to what clinches climax. Juna Honey, a leading escort at Sheri’s Ranch, Nevada, advocates asking before the get-go. “I need clitoral stimulation to lead me there, but slow, deep penetration as I’m orgasming.” Too many men make that classic mistake: not asking for directions.


10. Occasionally, leave off the lube

We’re always encouraged to reach for the lube, but (especially if you’re on the smaller side), it can sometimes help to leave it off. Too much can lead to too little sensitivity for your partner – a little friction is what sex depends upon. The trick is just to make sure you indulge in enough foreplay to allow her to get wet. If she’s struggling but you don’t want to over-grease the engine, opt for a half a pea sized blob of something non-chemical, such as Sliquid’s H2O.


11.  Take it to the floor

When was the last time you had sex on the floor? Probably not since you were a teenager, so it will bring back frantic, horny memories the next time you hit the deck. It’s also a great way to use friction to your advantage, helping to make her feel “full up”. Just be sure to place a blanket underneath. You remember the carpet burn, don’t you?


12. Don’t forget to… kiss

Adult empresses Gianna Michaels and Sophie Dee have performed acts on tape many of us couldn’t get our heads around, let alone cock a leg over. But even for screen queens like these, acts of intimacy still have the ultimate impact. “Don’t forget my neck,” says Ms Michaels.  “Kiss. Nibble. Gently bite it. It takes me to another level of pleasure.” Sophie has it even simpler. “While you’re fucking me? Don’t forget to make out with me.”

The FDA’s Crusade Against Lube

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Sliquid - The FDA's crusade against lube

According to Pahon, personal lubricants are classified as Class II medical devices, putting them in the same category as items like condoms, acupuncture needles, and powered wheelchairs. In order for their products to be sold on store shelves, lube companies must obtain what’s called premarket notification or 510(k) clearance, a process that requires a comprehensive round of safety testing.

John Goepfert, CEO of the lube maker Simply Slick, says the process to get 510(k) for his company took about two years and cost over $200,000. Simply Slick’s lube is based on a novel formula that includes glycerin and castor oil—which, Goepfert notes proudly, is also the stuff used to slicken NASCAR V8 engines. According to lab documents Goepfert showed me, tests included examinations for condom compatibility and an antimicrobial study. Lab workers also spent five days injecting the lube into the vaginas of New Zealand white rabbits in order to check for possible discharge, irritation, and infection.

That latter part is what concerns Dean Elliott. The founder and CEO of Sliquid, he’s long championed ethical, environmentally friendly business practices, and he considers himself a great animal lover too—indeed, the company regularly makes charitable donations to animal sanctuaries in Georgia, Utah, and Texas.

He’s currently in the process of obtaining 510(k) certification, and he’s gathering up data to present to the FDA to show that they won’t need animal testing for their products. (Pahon, the agency spokesperson, says animal testing isn’t required if a company can provide a suitable alternative.)

“For me, it’s led to hundreds of sleepless nights,” Elliott says, thoughts of defenseless bunnies being probed with Sliquid lube running through his head. “There’s a better way to do this than put us all through the animal testing.”

Read the entire article “The FDA’s Crusade Against Lube” on

Read the full article at Vice

New Mobile Site

Posted by on 10:37 pm in Sliquid News | 0 comments Mobile has just launched a new version of the mobile website. New exclusive mobile content is on the way, but drop by from your favorite phone or tablet and let us know what you think of what is available so far!

Sliquid wins big at 2015 XBIZ Awards

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XBIZ 2015 Award Winner - SliquidThe annual XBIZ Awards is always a big production in the adult industry, and 2015 was no exception. Hosted by star James Deen, and held at the amazing JW Marriott LA, it was a night to remember. And not only because your favorite lube company took home the award for “Lubricant Company of the Year”! That’s right, Sliquid has another amazing trophy to our name. Many thanks to XBIZ, our distributors, retailers, and most of all, our amazing Sliquid fans! Check out the list of 2015 XBIZ awards winners at:

The Best Natural Sex Lubricants –

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iphone-icon114If you eat organic food and use organic health and beauty products, why shouldn’t you continue to use organic and natural products in the bedroom?

Case in point, personal lubricants.

When you hear the term “personal lubricant,” your thoughts may immediately turn to K-Y Jelly, a charming combination of water, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, chlorhexidine gluconate, gluconolactone, methylparaben, and sodium hydroxide used by many to “[prepare] you for intimacy and [ease] the discomfort of vaginal dryness during sex.”

If you’re not a chemist and you’re tripping up on that ingredient list, the best place to hone in might be “chlorhexidine gluconate,” an antibacterial. Ellen Barnard, co-founder and co-owner of A Woman’s Touch, a store providing products and information for sexual health and pleasure in Madison, WI, says, “No way, no way, because what it does is it kills all your healthy [vaginal] bacteria.”

Read about the Best Natural Sex Lubricants at

2014 StorErotica Award Nominee – Sliquid

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2014 StorErotica Nominee

Sliquid is proud to announce that we have been nominated once again for the StorErotica 2014 Awards. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be recognized by the industry, in the categories of “Lubricant of the Year” as well as “Body Care Manufacturer of the Year”. Thank you to all who voted for Sliquid to be nominated, and we will see you on the red carpet!

For a complete list of the 2014 StorErotica Award nominees, visit

Sliquid at the StorErotica 2013 Awards


Clearwater, Fl—May 23, 2014—Once again honoring the best in the adult storefront sector, STOREROTICA Magazine is proud to announce the nominees for the 8th Annual STOREROTICA Awards. Winners will be announced at the industry gala on the evening on Sunday, July 13, during the summertime ANME Founders Show in Burbank, California.


For four years STOREROTICA has partnered with the producers of the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) as event host for the publication’s premier bi-yearly event. Held at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport July 12-14, the semi-annual ANME Founders Show showcases the top brands in the adult toy and novelty industry. Hosting the awards this year will be well-known industry personality Kelly Shibari.


Voting for the 2014 STOREROTICA Awards was accepted online only at Recognizing excellence in the adult retail community, the STOREROTICA Awards laud those in both the brick and mortar storefront, distributing and manufacturing levels.The 15 categories honored this year include, “Novelty Company of the Year,” “Distributor of the Year,””Fetish Company of the Year”and “Retailer of the Year” (chain locations). New divisions joining the STOREROTICA Awards in 2014 include “Foreign Manufacturer of the Year,” “Male Pleasure Product of the Year,” “Body Care Line of the Year”and “Retail Education of the Year.”This year’s final ballot was finalized after the pre-nomination process was complete along with gathering the opinions from a select panel of industry experts and suggestions by the STOREROTICA staff.

Ride BodyWorx – New, from Sliquid

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ridelubecomSimple, Safe, Sexy – that’s Sliquid, and now the female friendly manufacturer has launched a new brand aimed at men. Formerly Ride Dude Lube, with a more country twang, Ride BodyWorx is a newly branded, sleek collection of products focused on high performance.

The BodyWorx Collection is now available with 3 lubricant formulations, and two enhancement products. Drop by the new site, to get all the details.

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