H2O – Sliquid Naturals

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pH balanced (4.0 – 4.4 pH)

This product is 100% free of DEA, gluten, glycerin, glycol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulfates.  It is also 100% vegan-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

  • Latex, rubber, plastic & silicone toy friendly
  • Purified water-based formula
  • Non-staining, unflavored and unscented
  • Uniquely blended to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication



Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

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H2O – Our Clean and Simple Water-Based Lubricant Blend


Sliquid Naturals H2O is a water-based personal lubricant and is Sliquid’s Original formula. In fact, the base formula for all of the water-based lubricants in the Naturals line begins with this blend! Formulated to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication, we use plant cellulose as a thickening agent, instead of glycerin or other sugar derivatives like most other personal lubricants on the market today. Sliquid Naturals H2O, like all Sliquid products, does not contain any parabens and is 100% vegan. It is perfect for use with all types of toys and is safe for all sexual activity. Sliquid Naturals H2O is not flavored or scented, non-staining, and extremely easy to clean up. Formulated by sensitive women, for sensible women, Sliquid products are natural personal lubricants you can trust.

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2oz, 4.2oz, 8.5oz, .17oz Pillow (10)

436 reviews for H2O – Sliquid Naturals

  1. Dawn Hampton (verified owner)

    Gret lube. Feels great during use and doesnt get sticky.

    Wish it was easier to find locally.

  2. Angie (verified owner)

    A great lubricant! Not too sticky and easy to clean as well.

  3. M (verified owner)

    Every lube I have tried before has burned (even other types of Sliquid lube), but this lube is AMAZING. No taste, no smell, no burn. Really replicates natural moisture. So happy to have finally found a lube that doesn’t burn!

  4. S Ansari (verified owner)

    KY was causing burning, this one does not. Will continue to use it.

  5. Noah Parker (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, we’ve been using it for years! Definitely get the pump attachment to go along with the larger bottle.

  6. SHELLY PARK (verified owner)

    Love this!!! I actually tried their hybrid formula for the first time but unfortunately got a UTI. Not sure if it was from the formula exactly (because I’m very prone to them) but I was so sad I had to stop using it until I found this one!!! I read that silicone based lube could trigger problems for those who are sensitive so I was SOOOO glad sliquid had this water based formula! I love their lube and will forever recommend them to all my friends. I believe lube is so helpful and I’m so grateful that sliquid has formulas that are safe and natural for our sensitive and delicate parts!

  7. Katie (verified owner)

    This lube saved my sex life!!
    I have a VERY sensitive body and every other lube or oil I tried caused immediate burning. Then I heard about this one and decided to try it out. A MIRACULOUS turnaround!!!! No pain with sex anymore! This has made me and my partner very happy!

  8. anonymous (verified owner)

    This is my first time using lube. I’ve had a great experience so far. I’m glad I went with this to start with as it’s simple and effective. It truly is odorless, is not sticky whatsoever, and doesn’t leave any residue. Thank you for making this Sliquid!

  9. Anon (verified owner)

    Superb quality water-based lube. Simple, clean, works great without any of the nasty ingredients typically found in water-based lubes.

  10. P (verified owner)

    Best water-based lube hands down! No sticky residue or smell. My GF has really sensitive skin and has no problems with this one.

  11. Fishnwizardyt (verified owner)

    My fiance and I were unable to have sex at all because it hurt her so much. But the very first time we tried this she had absolutely no pain whatsoever.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I typically struggle with sensitivity to a lot of products. This is the first lubricant I have used, that as of yet has caused no irritation or sensitivity. I would highly recommend it,for sensitive women.

  13. anon (verified owner)

    This is by far the best water-based product we’ve tried. No smell, not sticky, and really comfortable. Highly recommended.

  14. anony (verified owner)

    just great

  15. Onemorename05 (verified owner)

    Great product and with 8.5oz you get more bang for your buck.

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