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The 10 best anal lubes, according to sex therapists and online reviews

Lube is to anal sex what communication is to a healthy relationship: vital. Without lubrication, anal sex isn’t just less pleasurable, but often painful — and anal shouldn’t painful, says Jordan Soper, PsyD, an AASECT-certified sex therapist. But with lube and a little patience, anal play can be…

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Calvista Signs Exclusive Aussie Distro Deal With Sliquid

Media Contact: Erik Vasquez, VP of Marketing,, (800) S L I Q U I D FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: — Sep 5, 2023 7:14 AM PDT — SYDNEY — Calvista has signed a deal to exclusively distribute Sliquid products in Australia and New Zealand. “We’re…

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Sliquid Debuts New Packaging

Dallas TX — Top, natural intimates’ manufacturer Sliquid ( is pleased to debut the packaging and label redesign for their Balance Collection products, Sliquid Splash and Sliquid Soothe. The Balance Collection is Sliquid’s multi-award-winning line of at-home spa products. These items include Splash Gentle Intimate…

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Sex After Menopause is All About Lube & These Are the Best Ones to Try

This probably isn’t news to you at this point, but both your body and your vulva change throughout every stage of your reproductive health, including menopause. With that, there may be some additional changes in your sex life after menopause. If you’ve already reached menopause (meaning you haven’t had your period…

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My 58-Year-Old Mom Tried the Best Lubes for Menopause and Vaginal Dryness—Here Are Her Honest Thoughts

My mother masturbates. She’ll smack me on the shoulder when she sees this, but I’ll say the same thing to her then as I say to you now: It’s the truth. My family is Mexican and Catholic, and growing up, we just didn’t talk about sex—but lately, that’s…

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Sliquid Organics Natural 4oz - Organic Personal Lubricant - Best Organic Lube

The 9 Absolute Best Lubes for Anal Sex, According to an Anal Surgeon and Anal Sexperts

When it comes to anal sex, lubricant is as essential to success as, well, having a butt—which is to say, very essential. To be clear: You need to be using lube for any kind of anal play, whether a finger, phallus, or anal sex toy is involved. (As a…

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