Sliquid Starr

Sliquid Starr

Sliquid Starr is a pharmaceutical-grade silicone personal lubricant and is Sliquid’s Premium formulation. Super long-lasting and 100% waterproof, it is the perfect choice for those who need a lubricant to last. Made from an ultra-concentrated blend of pharmaceutical-grade silicones, Sliquid Starr will last for hours with only a few drops and is easy to clean up with simple soap and water. Sliquid Starr may stain some fabrics.

  • Sliquid Starr Silicone Lubricant
    Sliquid Starr Silicone
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    Sliquid Starr Package

“As an award-winning pornstar with over a decade of experience, it’s safe to say that I know exactly what I want when it comes to pleasure. Whether I’m on or off set, the quality of lube that I’m using is key to my experience and performance.”

“I am beyond excited to share Sliquid Starr with you because I know that you’ll love it as much as I do. And remember… always reach for the Starr!” XOXO

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