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Great New Sliquid Review from Hey Epiphora

By on Dec 13, 2012 | 0 comments

Sliquid LubricantsHere is what I love about Sliquid: they have a robust product catalog, and everything in it is glycern- and paraben-free. You don’t have to even think with Sliquid. You don’t have to read labels and Google ingredients. Compare that to companies who produce specialized “female friendly” versions of their lubes (I’m lookin’ at you, Wet, ID, Astroglide, and System JO), since apparently preventing yeast infections is not a priority for them, and women are some sort of a niche market.

All the lube I use anymore is made by Sliquid, and I plan to keep it that way. There are a handful of other body-safe lube companies out there that I’m sure make great products (Hathor Aphrodisia, Blossom Organics, Yes, Good Clean Love), but Sliquid’s track record, seniority, and sheer selection put it easily at the front of the pack. My favorite Sliquid lubes are some of the classics — Sassy and H2O — but they have everything you could ever need. FOR EXAMPLE.

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