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The Best Natural Sex Lubricants –

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iphone-icon114If you eat organic food and use organic health and beauty products, why shouldn’t you continue to use organic and natural products in the bedroom?

Case in point, personal lubricants.

When you hear the term “personal lubricant,” your thoughts may immediately turn to K-Y Jelly, a charming combination of water, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, chlorhexidine gluconate, gluconolactone, methylparaben, and sodium hydroxide used by many to “[prepare] you for intimacy and [ease] the discomfort of vaginal dryness during sex.”

If you’re not a chemist and you’re tripping up on that ingredient list, the best place to hone in might be “chlorhexidine gluconate,” an antibacterial. Ellen Barnard, co-founder and co-owner of A Woman’s Touch, a store providing products and information for sexual health and pleasure in Madison, WI, says, “No way, no way, because what it does is it kills all your healthy [vaginal] bacteria.”

Read about the Best Natural Sex Lubricants at

2014 StorErotica Award Nominee – Sliquid

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2014 StorErotica Nominee

Sliquid is proud to announce that we have been nominated once again for the StorErotica 2014 Awards. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be recognized by the industry, in the categories of “Lubricant of the Year” as well as “Body Care Manufacturer of the Year”. Thank you to all who voted for Sliquid to be nominated, and we will see you on the red carpet!

For a complete list of the 2014 StorErotica Award nominees, visit

Sliquid at the StorErotica 2013 Awards


Clearwater, Fl—May 23, 2014—Once again honoring the best in the adult storefront sector, STOREROTICA Magazine is proud to announce the nominees for the 8th Annual STOREROTICA Awards. Winners will be announced at the industry gala on the evening on Sunday, July 13, during the summertime ANME Founders Show in Burbank, California.


For four years STOREROTICA has partnered with the producers of the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) as event host for the publication’s premier bi-yearly event. Held at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport July 12-14, the semi-annual ANME Founders Show showcases the top brands in the adult toy and novelty industry. Hosting the awards this year will be well-known industry personality Kelly Shibari.


Voting for the 2014 STOREROTICA Awards was accepted online only at Recognizing excellence in the adult retail community, the STOREROTICA Awards laud those in both the brick and mortar storefront, distributing and manufacturing levels.The 15 categories honored this year include, “Novelty Company of the Year,” “Distributor of the Year,””Fetish Company of the Year”and “Retailer of the Year” (chain locations). New divisions joining the STOREROTICA Awards in 2014 include “Foreign Manufacturer of the Year,” “Male Pleasure Product of the Year,” “Body Care Line of the Year”and “Retail Education of the Year.”This year’s final ballot was finalized after the pre-nomination process was complete along with gathering the opinions from a select panel of industry experts and suggestions by the STOREROTICA staff.

Ride BodyWorx – New, from Sliquid

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ridelubecomSimple, Safe, Sexy – that’s Sliquid, and now the female friendly manufacturer has launched a new brand aimed at men. Formerly Ride Dude Lube, with a more country twang, Ride BodyWorx is a newly branded, sleek collection of products focused on high performance.

The BodyWorx Collection is now available with 3 lubricant formulations, and two enhancement products. Drop by the new site, to get all the details.

Naturally Healthy Skin – Personal Lubricant Dangers & STI’s – Part 1

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natural vegan lubricants

A whole raft of studies are calling into question the safety of personal lubricants in regards to skin cell damage and sexually transmitted infections, with some of the more well known lubricants performing particularly badly in safety experiments. The personal lubricant market is estimated at around $219 million in the US alone, but evidence is mounting that these sex aids actually promote disease transmission.

Wide Range of Lubricants, Which are Best?

Many lubricants used during sex have osmolalities higher than those of the human body, which may be a cause of increased risks of infection. These lubricants are used to reduce friction and increase pleasure during intercourse and other sexual activity. Many have added ingredients designed to heat, promote circulation, or even sometime to numb in order to hamper arousal and delay climax. When asked to name personal lubricants most people think only of KY Jelly, despite the huge number of available products, some of which are even organic, vegan, and locally-sourced or otherwise ethically and environmentally conscious.

Vagina and Rectum Damaged by Some Lubricants

Research suggests that some lubricants can damage cells that line the vagina and rectum, potentially opening up the body to increased risk of STIs, as well as compromising the health of sexual partners. One study reported higher rates of STIs such as chlamydia in those who consistently used personal lubricants for rectal intercourse, where such lubrication is highly recommended in order to reduce tissue trauma and risks of anal fissures. Those who used such lubricants less consistently had lower rates of infections.

dangers of personal lubricants to skin and sti transmission
Fig 1. Lubricants as they vary from the body’s own fluid osmolality.

Read the rest of the article and view references at:



Naturally Healthy Skin – Personal Lubricant Dangers & STI’s – Part 2

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Osmolality and Skin Damage from Personal Lubricants

Osmolality appears to be a key factor in regards to the damaging effects of personal lubricants, with higher osmolalities associated with increased susceptibility to infection. As an example, K-Y Warming Jelly has an osmolality thirty times that of the body’s own lubricant and was found to increase transmission of herpes ninefold in the rodents tested compared to unlubricated controls.

Lubricants Damage Epithelial Cells

The cause of such increases may simply be due to epithelial cell damage resulting from changes in the constituents of cells lining the vagina and rectum. Cells are constantly trying to maintain a balance between water, sugar, salts, and proteins and a high osmolality personal lubricant may cause the cells to release water to try to dilute the concentration outside the cells, triggering dehydration of the cells and even their death and sloughing off of cells. Over time, repeated applications of such lubricants could significantly affect the cells lining the vagina and rectum, weakening the defence against infection.

Skin Cell Shedding with Lubricants

Many personal lubricants are based originally on skin creams that include glycerin and propylene glycol in order to slow evaporation and prevent skin cooling from more water-based products. The problem is that the cells in the skin on the face or on the arms are very different to those found in the vagina or rectum. Major shedding of cells from the rectum (in humans) was observed just 60-90 minutes after application of ID Glide, a hyperosmolar lubricant similar to Astro­glide and K-Y Jelly. The ethical constraints of testing STI transmission risks on humans means that the search for safe lubricants is now involving monkeys and other animals, alongside cultured human tissues exposed to these products and their components.

Better Personal Lubricants

Preliminary findings appear to support the use of personal lubricants with an osmolality closer to that of the body’s own sexual fluids, such as Sliquid and Good Clean Love’s personal lubricant range. These types of lubricants are based on agar and do not seem to damage tissue samples tested in the laboratory, nor do they appear to increase HIV transmission rates.

Read the rest of the article and view references at:



The Balance Collection – New from Sliquid

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The Balance CollectionThe Balance Collection from Sliquid is finally here! Splash, the gentle feminine wash, was the first product in the Balance Collection, but kicking off 2014 the entire range of products are newly packaged and available for shipment. The Balance Collection features 3 high-end, spa like product categories; Splash, a gentle feminine wash, Smooth, a lanolin free shave cream, and the Massage Oil Collection. Take a few minutes and explore the new category from Sliquid! – New and Improved

Posted by on 3:54 pm in Sliquid News | 0 comments - New and improvedAs you may have noticed, especially if you are reading this blog post on the new site, went under the knife recently, and debuted all its fancy new upgrades last week. If you haven’t had a chance, take a look around, and check out all the new features, as well as the cosmetic facelift. For a quick summary of the things we are most proud of, check out the highlights.

  1. The new Store Locator, as well as the Store Locator submission, to help organize and link up all the Sliquid Retailers across the country.
  2. Our interactive Reviews and FAQ sections – submit your own if you don’t find what you are looking for!
  3. The expansion of our brands, which now includes Sliquid Naturals, Sliquid Organics, and the new Balance Collection all on one site.
  4. The Sliquid Shop facelift, with all new images, less clutter, and a faster server to help speed up checkout.


So check out some of the new features on, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The 2013 Spring Naked Painting Party

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Naked Painting Party SliquidThis Spring brings the 8th installment of the Naked Painting Party, and that alone should be enough to peak your interest. If you are in or around the NYC area on May 23rd, you should drop in and check out the festivities, and don’t forget to say Hi! to Michelle…

Sliquid takes home Storerotica 2013 Lubricant of the year!

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StorErotica 2013 Winner

July, 2013 was another big month for Sliquid. Halfway through the bi-annual Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo, or ANME, in Burbank, California, the Sliquid team attended the awards ceremony presented by industry magazine Storerotica. Sliquid was proud to be nominated for several different categories, including Sexual Enhancement Product of the year, for both Organics O Gel, and Ride Rock Delay Spray, and the coveted Lubricant Company of the Year award. Being nominated for any awards is always an honor, and winning the top prize is nothing short of amazing. Our love and thanks go out to all our industry peers who nominated and voted for us, as well as our loyal customers, retailers, and distributors – we couldn’t do it without you!



Pre-Nominations for the 7th Annual Storerotica Awards now up!

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The 7th annual Storerotica Awards, which will be held in Los Angeles this year alongside the ever growing ANME trade show, have officially announced pre-nominations for all 10 categories. Take a second to drop by and vote / nominate for your favorite lubricant company (hint, Sliquid). The nomination page can be found at:

See you in LA!

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