Wellness columnist Erica Chidi Cohen is here to answer our most pressing questions about sex, health and overall wellbeing. Today, she’s tackling the topic of solo sex…

Q. I know this might sound hard to believe, but I’m 30 and have never really masturbated. I’ve tried, but I become too easily distracted, or I honestly just don’t know what to do. I’ve never had an orgasm and I want to. Can you help? — Amelia

A. This is a great question, and you’re not alone. I get this question a lot! Many hetero and queer women struggle with finding comfort in, or simply establishing, a solo sex practice. But you can develop these skills at any time. The first step is to slowly start exploring your body.

I teach a sex class at LOOM, and the first topic is anatomy, since many women know very little about their own bodies. Many of us were introduced to our anatomy in a lackluster sex class, where it was presented via a contraceptive lens vs. being about pleasure…

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