The 2nd annual AVN “O” Awards are fast approaching (August) and every vote counts!

Sliquid was nominated for 2 awards last year, and Sliquid Organics was one of the big winners, taking home the prize for Best Lube, Lotion, or Potion. So let’s keep the ball rolling, and try to take it home once again! Every vote counts, so take a few minutes and nominate your favorite female friendly lubricant. Vote for your favorite product, or vote for the entire line. Here’s how to vote:


Deadline is July 1st. All nominations MUST include: Category, Nominee, Your Name, Title, Company and Contact Info (email & ph#).

And here is a quick list of the available categories.

Distributor – East
Distributor – West
Boutique (single store)
Retail Chain (two or more stores)
Online Retailer
Powered Product
Non-Powered Product
Overall Product Design for Women (single product or line)
Overall Product Design for Men (single product or line)
Innovation for 2010 (best new product since June 1, 2009)
Apparel or Accessory Brand
Lube, Lotion, or Potion
Supplement or Enhancer
Overall Achievement by an Individual or Company

On behalf of the ENTIRE SLIQUID STAFF, thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

See you at the red carpet!

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