Buck Angel Visits Sliquid HQ

Buck Angel visits Sliquid HQ for a meeting regarding a new venture, Buck Angel’s T-Collection.

During Buck’s visit to Dallas this past September, he and the Sliquid marketing team used the time to produce new, original content relating to their current collaboration, T-Lube. Buck Angel’s T-Lube is a water-based personal lubricant and moisturizer that has been infused with Aloe Vera, Carrageenan and Vitamin E. Created for trans men who are experiencing regular or periodic vaginal dryness due to testosterone replacement therapy, or any other reason, T-Lube provides long-lasting, natural comfort throughout the day. They also created content and marketing assets for the new T-Collection.

“When the opportunity to work with Buck presented itself, we knew we had something special on our hands,” says Dean Elliott, Founder, and CEO of Sliquid. “We saw a unique opportunity to present an accessible solution to an everyday problem our trans brothers, like Buck, were experiencing. Partnering was a no-brainer. From the beginning, we always knew there would be more than one product because the trans community is certainly not one-dimensional.”

With the success of T-Lube, the desire from the FTM community to have more gender-inclusive products available to them has risen. With input from Buck, Sliquid has been in product development mode, thoughtfully crafting a handful of new products that will address other needs of our FTM customers. While Sliquid, and Buck, are keeping quiet about what new products are in the pipeline, they are releasing the name of this expanded collaboration. The new items will join T-Lube under the banner ‘Buck Angel’s T-Collection.’

Buck Angel Visits Sliquid HQ

“I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to create more products for our FTM community. When contemplating what trans men want to see in a wellness line, I consciously choose to create products that reflect our masculinity and convey respect upon us as deserving human beings,” said Buck Angel. “Sliquid has stepped up to become a big supporter of the transgender community, and it shows with the expansion of my namesake product line. My collaboration with Sliquid is truly about visibility for my community. The T-Collection is an important step toward being seen as part of the world, as opposed to separate from humanity. I am so full of love.”

The 2017 release of T-Lube was, and remains, a pivotal moment in the personal lubricant category as it introduced the market to the first-ever FTM-focused lubricant formulated to address the vaginal health of trans men. To date, the Buck x Sliquid collaboration has focused squarely on T-Lube; however, that is about to change with the introduction of Buck Angel’s T-Collection.

Buck Angel’s T-Collection has a slated release date of Fall 2019. Product names, details, and wholesale order information will be available soon.

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