Ahhh, lubricants. Just saying the word makes me feel like the sun has just popped out from behind a cloud and birds are singing, praising the slickness of my vagina/butt and all the wondrous things I, and any partners, can now manage to do with it. Lube is something I would consider an essential for anyone who partakes in almost any sort of sexual play, whether it is penetrative or not. It reduces the friction, makes penetration much easier (thus helping to prevent condom breakage) and can create delightful sensations for external play. Yet, picking a lube can be a pain almost worse than dry, chafing intercourse. There are so many on the market which promise the world and sometimes deliver little more than a yeast infection and disappointment. So, today I’m bringing you a comparison review of the Pink Water lubricant from Empowered Products and the Sassy ‘Booty Formula’ by Sliquid. These are both water-based lubricants, which are ideal for almost any sort of play and are safe with all types of toys.

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