You’ve got this FTM hooked

You've got this FTM hooked

I'm an FTM transmasculine person and have been on T for a few years now. This means my body sometimes doesn't naturally lubricate as well as I'd like it to, and since I enjoy penetration, I've relied on Sliquid products to give me the lubrication I need in order to enjoy all sorts of different sex-related activities. After trying at least 10 other lubes, Sliquid is definitely the winner. Two Sliquid products are my go-to/holy grail: Sliquid Sassy and Sliquid Silk. Sliquid Silk gets extra points because of it being a white-ish color and long-lasting. I love that these are pH-balanced and all-natural. My body just loves these products and I don't want to ever use anything else again.

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