Ahhhh, we’ve all heard about the wonders of the almighty glycerin- and paraben-free Sliquid. I’d been putting off buying some to try it out for myself, it’s kinda expensive ($19.95 for 255ml at Lovehoney) and I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on lube when I already had lube that worked just fine.

I’ve been using the same lube since I got my first sex toy. I knew I’d need lube because my first toy was a dildo and aside from fingers I’d never had anything in me. I had no clue what was good and what wasn’t, so I asked mum who told me her preferred lube and I went with that one. I ventured out once and bought a different blend from the same company and hated it, so I decided to stick with the first one forever. So aside from these two lubes I had no idea. Except for that I hate runny lube. Runny lube is horrible.

Eventually what convinced me was that if I’m going to preach about safe toys, I should also be able to talk about body-friendly lubes. And so I bit the bullet and got myself some.

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