Freddy and EddyWhen it comes to personal lubricants, we usually yawn and look for a way out when vendors extoll the virtues of this one or that, but we found ONE man who wouldn’t be denied his product’s place at our bedside. Now, imagine someone trying to sell something as mundane and boring as personal lubricants. I mean, it’s one thing to be shown a vibrator that looks like a corncob or a puppet of a giant vagina, but LUBE? That has to be about the toughest sell in any industry (kind of like selling bottled water, right? “Hey, my water is clearer than theirs!”) and we usually pass the booths hawking the slippery stuff with a nod of our heads and a tip of our caps. Other than “My lube is more slippery than theirs blah blah blah,” what else can you say?

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