When it comes to fundamental physics, friction is great for things like stopping at red lights or avoiding slipping down the stairs, but not so great for your sex life. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with friction during penetration with the help of your trusty sex side-kick: lube. If you’ve ever had questions about lube, though, you’re not the only one that has been confused about how to use lube in bed, or what it even is. “Lube, or lubricant, is a liquid product that is used for sexual activity to make sex more comfortable by reducing friction,” says Kelly J. Connell M.S. Ed., a sexuality expert.

“Using lube during sex reduces friction for numerous types of sexual activity including masturbation, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, or sex with sex toys,” adds Kim Airs, sexuality educator and director of the sexual health blog Grand Opening

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