That’s right, from the makers of Sliquid, we bring you…. Ride Lube!

OK, enough cheese. But really, there’s a new product hitting the streets very soon. For those of you in tune with the adult industry rags, you might have even seen an ad or two. Branded with a sexy, masculine image, Ride is the alter ego to the usual Sliquid products.

When we repackagaed all of our products several months ago, we began to hear from our vendors that many of their male Sliquid fans were not happy. So of course we took the steps to bring back our fans into the fold.

There are currently two formulations in the Ride family, both available in 8oz and 17oz sizes. Ride Lubricant is a ultra concentrated silicone lubricant, created with the same ingredients as Sliquid Silver, but just a bit thicker for a smoother ride. Ride H2O is an ultra thick water based gel. Both products are created for men, and are ideal for solo or partnered flights. The packaging is sleek, and you just have to see it to believe it.

Entrenue will be the exclusive US distributor for all Ride products through the first of the year. Sexy Living will be the exclusive Canadian distributor, so act quick to contact those providers and get the product in your stores.

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