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No Burning!

This lube was smooth, and silky. Worked wonders. The biggest plus for this product was that there was no burning. I tried a different product (not Sliquid) just for comparison, and it burned right away. So I'll stay with my silk Sliquid product.

A World Of Difference

Wonderful product, made a world of difference! Reduces friction noticably and allowed for longer more comfortable sex. I loved that it’s all natural and would recommend it to anyone with sensitivity to chemicals.


I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin “down below” and it’s really hard for me and my husband to “have a good time” without me constantly ending up in pain, or having a reaction to whatever lubricant we decided to try that time around. I was desperate to find something that wouldn’t kill me; and to be honest, after several doctors appointments of being told to change everything under the sun from soaps to shampoos, you name it, I discovered Sliquid by doing extensive research online, and I think I’ve finally found my gem! I can enjoy my love life without having to stress constant irritation an hour afterwords, and I’m very grateful for that! I sound like an add, but this is a legit testimonial! Haha! Thank you Sliquid! You guys have done me great!

Sliquid Organics

I'm a sex toy reviewer and am in need of high quality lube often. I've tried countless brands but I keep on coming back to Sliquid Organics because it's my favorite. The lube itself has no scent or taste, is smooth, leaves no residue, is body safe and lasts as long as I need it. There's nothing more I could ask for. Thanks!

Very good wash

I've used Splash for about a year now and love it. It's so gentle I started using it on my entire body, face included. It's the best wash. I've extremely sensitive to products since I started working as a commercial cleaner, my usual face wash started to irritate and cause redness and sensitivity so I decided to try this and my skin is so good now. It never feels dry or stripped.

Love it!

Have been looking for a good lube option for years, and finally have found one. Sliquid is the best! As I have gotten older I have become increasing sensitive, and even products that claim to be 'clean' and natural seem to cause irritation and other issues. That's never an issue with Sliquid. I use the H2O for my menstrual cup, and the Sassy for lubrication with my toys and partner. There really is no smell, no taste, and is easy to clean up, and it is effective as a lubricant. Can't live without them.

Sliquid Silver thank you!

The best lube on the market. We have tried many other lubes in the past and have never been happy with the feel of them. We love the silkiness and it only takes a drop or two. We will be buying this from now on.

Sliquid products now available in South Africa

Sliquid Naturals and Organics products are now available for the first time to the South African lubricant consumer. Sliquid products are my own personal favourite and am I sure that the products will be a great success in South Africa.

H20 Review

My husband and I enjoyed this lubricant very much! It's the closest we've found to nature without extra additives. Thank you Sliquid.
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