DALLAS — All-natural lubricant and lotion manufacturer, Sliquid adds ‘Rock’ Delay Spray to Ride BodyWorx Collection

Ride Rock has emerged as a benzocaine-based male desensitizer created to enhance stamina and prolong the joys of intimate relations.

Ride Rock is currently in production and will be ready to ship this summer.

Sliquid’ s new and improved Ride Rock delay spray now features the following ingredients: 7.5% benzocaine, aloe vera, banana leaf extract, propylene glycol and peg-400.

According to the company, Ride Rock reduces sensitivity without compromising sensation, enabling men to last longer and increase the pleasure shared between couples.

“Careful reformulation by the Sliquid team went into perfecting Ride Rock and I couldn’t be more proud of the results,” said Dean Elliott, owner of Sliquid. “Ride Rock delay spray helps men achieve the universal goal of performing at their ultimate potential in the bedroom – further solidifying Ride as the go-to brand for men.”

The Ride roundup of products includes: Dude Lube in silicone, water-based and hybrid varieties, Ride Rub Stroke Oil masturbation formula and Ride Razor Shave Cream in two incredible scents.

For more information or to place an order for Sliquid’ s Ride Rock and other Ride products, call (800) SLIQUID or email sales@sliquid.com.

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