DALLAS — In an effort to arm retailers with product knowledge to encourage sales, Sliquid has pulled together some of its travel friendly products and gift ideas to help retail staff.

“Product knowledge is power,” Sliquid owner Dean Elliott said. “The more retailers know about our products, the easier it will be for them to offer the right product to the right customer.”

Sliquid Swirl flavored lubricant comes in bright and bold holiday-friendly packaging that will pop on the shelf and could serve as a holiday gift between lovers, the company said.

Lube Cubes, which are available in a variety of Sliquid and Ride Dude Lube formulas for men and women, are ideal for traveling and can moonlight as stocking stuffers, according to the company.

Sliquid suggests Sliquid Sea and SliquidOceanics as a hint from one lover to another to suggest the destination of an upcoming romantic getaway.

Sliquid Organics Massage Oils are the classic romantic holiday gift or everyday add-on, the company said.

“Our products are simple yet natural, so they say a lot when received as a gift and can be enjoyed not just during holiday season, but throughout the year,” Elliott said. “People have enough stress during this season, so why not recommend gifts that will bring people closer together and reignite the fire between lovers well into the New Year!”

For more information about Sliquid’s product range or to place an order call (800) 754-7843, or email sales@sliquid.com.

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