DALLAS — Sliquid has reported impressive success with its Balance Collection of massage oils.

“The Balance Collection is a one-of-a-kind massage line that follows our dedication to using naturally occurring elements and alternatives to traditional chemically derived ingredients,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott, said.

He added, “Sliquid is dedicated to creating lavish lubes and lotions like this and we’re pleased to report impressive sales results since its initial debut. It’s a pleasure to provide the industry with natural products and be the lead brand in this unique product category.”

The company said the series consists of four naturally derived massage oils enhanced with organic botanicals for a soothing aromatherapy experience. Featuring nut and seed oils combined with natural ingredients selected for their natural soothing and healing properties, the company said the Balance Collection makes it easy for retailers to enhance their bath and body sections with Sliquid’s 100-percent body-safe spa-quality creations.

Each of the four-SKU Balance Collection products offers a unique choice for every state of mind, each made using healthy and healing ingredients. The products are completely vegan and free of glycerin or parabens.

Included in the Collection are Rejuvenation, that revives and restores vitality with a refreshing blend of mandarin and basil; Tranquility, that calms the mind and relaxes the body with a soothing blend of coconut, lime and verbena, a healing botanical popular among herbalists; Serenity, an enticing and stimulating Tahitian Vanilla aroma with a rich scent that’s as sexy and smooth; and Escape, a luxurious massage oil free of any scent, allowing users to focus solely on the tactile sensation.

The company said the Collection is made using a combination of sweet almond, coconut, grape seed, sunflower, macadamia nut and jojoba seed oils with mango and shea butter, vitamin E and a blend of USDA certified organic extracts.

All of the products can be seen at the upcoming ANME Founders Show Jan. 11-13 in Burbank, California in booths 88-90. Sliquid sales representative Michelle Marcus will be on hand with detailed product information. Email michelle@sliquid.com to set up an appointment.

To order the Collection, contact a preferred Sliquid distributor, or email sales@sliquid.com for wholesale information.

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