DALLAS — Sliquid has debuted its Ride BodyWorx series of friction-free intimate products for men.

The company said the multi-SKU line features high-performance ingredients and is as gentle on the skin as it is on the environment. The line boasts bold, sophisticated packaging with a sleek masculine appeal for upscale shelf appeal.

Ride BodyWorx’s selection of intimate lubricants infused with rich botanicals include: Ride Silicone, a silky, long-lasting lubricant priced to compete with its German imported competitors;  Ride Water Based, a slick water-based lubricant featuring a proprietary blend of natural seaweed extracts; and Ride Silk Hybrid, that offers a water-based formula blended with luxurious cream emollients and 12 percent silicone.

“Ride BodyWorx is an exciting new line that we created for men seeking a more satisfying and skin-soothing experience, whether in the bedroom or in the bath,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott, said.

He added, “Formulated with the highest quality ingredients and branded with a sleek and refined look, Ride BodyWorx appeals to the next generation of modern gentleman.”

The line is packaged in spa-inspired bottles featuring clean lines, black tones and bold metallics for an upscale appearance.

Sliquid said it will debut nourishing shave lotions under the Ride BodyWorx moniker in mid-2014 featuring skin-soothing botanicals and a gentle lanolin-free formula for a smooth shave.

To order the products, contact a Sliquidpreferred distributor, or email sales@sliquid.com for wholesale information.

For more information on the product line visit RideLube.com.

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