DALLAS — Sliquid announced that it has expanded its global reach after forming five key alliances with international distributors for its natural body care collection.

The company has inked deals with Loewie in Asia, Net 1on1 in the U.K., Basic Instinct in Scandinavia, and Two Ducks and NTN to handle Australia and New Zealand.

Sliquid said that strict health guidelines coupled with strong attention to product contents have inspired foreign nations — particularly in Asia — to consider its products to be synonymous with body-safe sex and solutions for natural lubrication, massage, intimate cleansing and gentle shaving.

The company’s sales team will work directly with its international distribution partners to maintain steady stock availability and navigate language barriers to ensure that the brand’s unique features and benefits are conveyed clearly to the consumer.

“I have found through working directly with most international markets that the guidelines put in place by their health advisors or regulatory fixtures (which have roles and responsibilities similar to the U.S. FDA) are more strict, which has made Sliquid a commodity as a brand of high standard,” said Michelle Marcus, vice president of sales and marketing.

She added, “We’re proud to be aligned with a respected series of distributors who can work with us to best serve these growing — and loyal — consumer bases. This kind of global expansion also gives us a valuable opportunity to learn about cultural variances that may affect the way we develop, produce, package, and market future lines. It’s an exciting time.”

Sliquid noted that its luxury appeal and accessible price points have played a key role in its international popularity, with ingredients that are recognizable (and pronounceable), clean and simple packaging, and bilingual labels that help contribute to sales.

“Request for our products has increased considerably in the last few years and it seems as though the all-natural ‘trend’ is catching on around the world,” CEO Dean Elliott said. “We’re currently expanding into new arenas in Asia and South America and our goal, of course, is to eventually have Sliquid lubricants, Ride BodyWorx and our Balance series consisting of Splash, Smooth and Massage Oils available everywhere it’s in demand. This is where partnerships like those we’ve established with Loewie, Net 1on1, Two Ducks and NTN come in to play.”

For more information about Sliquid’s international expansion, email sales@sliquid.com.

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