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2014-11-23 05:28

Kenitha Asked: Sliquid Soul

Where can I purchase the Sliquid Soul products? I cant seem to find the any where not even your website. They look to be great all around products, I am anxious to try them out.”

Sliquid Answered:

Soul has not yet hit the market. You can sign up for our mailing list to stay in the loop when it does come available.

2014-11-21 05:22

Bruce D. Asked: Safe for anal sex?

Are all of your lubricants safe for anal sex as well as vaginal penetration? Or is there a particular product you would recommend?

Sliquid Answered:

Sliquid Sassy (and it’s Organics counterpart Natural Gel) are specifically formulated to add more comfort for anal play. However, all of our lubricants are safe for both anal and vaginal.

2014-11-05 05:20

Basil T. Asked: Sliquid Naturals Silk and silicone toys

Is your Sliquid Naturals Silk lubricant safe to use with silicone or ABS plastic toys as it contains around 12% silicone ? Its always mentioned not to use silicone based lubricant with silicone toys, but yours is a water-base. I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for your answer.

Sliquid Answered:

We have found that Silk is safe with many of the high end silicone toys. We always suggest testing on the base of the toy first, and cleaning the toy ASAP after, to insure there is no damage to your toy. Avoid softened silicone toys, often called cyber skin.

2014-11-05 05:19

Leah Asked: pH of Organics Natural Gel

Hi there, Can you please tell me the pH of Organics Natural Gel? Thanks!

Sliquid Answered:

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel has a pH of 4.2.

2014-11-04 05:17

Ann Asked: Sensitive skin...

I have very sensitive skin. Most lubricants irritate me and make me burn. Which of your products do you recommend?

Sliquid Answered:

For the most sensitive of people, we always recommend starting with Sliquid H2O. It is the base formula for our range of water based products.

2014-10-24 05:12

Levis Asked: Sliquid Organics Silk on silicone toys

Can I use Sliquid Organics Silk on high quality silicone toys like brands of Tantus and Fun Factory?

Sliquid Answered:

We have tested with several Tantus and Fun Factory toys, with no adverse results. We do recommend testing on the base of the toy first, as we cannot test every toy and material. Always make sure to properly clean your toy after use as well.

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