DALLAS — Sliquid is pleased to announce the hiring of Martae Hunter as Executive Liaison. Hunter has been brought onboard to provide crucial assistance in the day-to-day performance of Sliquid’s Dallas headquarters. Along with direct support to the executive leadership, Hunter will work closely with the Sliquid customer service and sales as well as handle regulatory compliance. In this position, he will help to streamline projects and provide synergistic coordination to the daily operations of the office.

Sliquid Hires Martae Hunter

Sliquid Founder and CEO Dean Elliott said, “I have known of Martae and his talents for a while. Through interaction with me, at his previous employer, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and ability to warmly engage me in conversation while delivering exceptional customer service. I knew very early on that he was eventually going to be on team Sliquid and here we are.” Elliott goes on to say, “I look forward to having his bright disposition and attentive attitude around the office.”

Hunter will play a key role in alleviating some of the work load of various, busy departments at the Sliquid corporate office. Under direction of the Senior VP, Colin Roy, Martae will be developed into his position with ongoing cross-training in all department tasks. His desire to learn the ropes and take initiative make Hunter the perfect fit to successfully liaise with Sliquid leadership, employees, vendors, partners and customers alike.

Of joining the company, Hunter says, “I am especially honored for the opportunity to work with such an innovative company, producing the most natural women and men’s sexual health products. Given the chance to use both my professional and personal skills, working alongside the creative minds at Sliquid, marks an extraordinary and exciting new chapter of life for me.”

Martae Hunter is reachable at Sliquid Natural Intimate Products via martae@sliquid.net, or by calling (214) 821-4400 ext. 225.

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