The Sliquid office is in a bit of an uproar today as we scramble to get everything together for the Adult Novelty Expo, which starts on Monday. We are heading out tomorrow morning just to give ourselves a little extra time to prepare and set up. Sliquid exhibits at ANE every year, and it is one of the better novelty shows out there. This year’s show is especially exciting, for more than one reason…

We will be announcing Sliquid Organics O Gel, the newest Sliquid product family member. We have talked about releasing our clit stim for a few years now (yes, years. We apologize) and it’s finally here! O Gel is formulated with Peppermint Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Menthol, for all natural, L-Arginine free clitoral stimulation. Talk about timing!

The other big announcement is that the Sliquid Organics line of products and the Ride Body Works Razor line are both nominated for an “O” Award from AVN this year. This is the first annual “O’ Awards, though many people are familiar with the AVN Adult awards, often referred to as the Porn Awards, as shown every year on Showtime. It’s an honor just to be nominated, and hopefully the “O” Awards will become the giant that the AVN Adult Awards have become.

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